Picture Potpourri

Life has been great. We've been enjoying every minute with our family and friends. Saturday we went to Trader's World, a large indoor flea market near Dayton, OH. We decided to pose with some of the realistic looking animals that are placed at the entrance. We had a lot of fun.

Sunday we had services in Gahanna, and Marion, Ohio. God has been helping us in every service. Sunday night after the service we were royally treated at the Cressman residence. Wesley has been a good friend of ours since our days in college. He cooked up a great middle eastern supper for us that included kubah, tabooley salad, humus and a few other things. Don't ask me how it is made or what is in it, that's out of my league. But it turned out great.

Sunday morning we were at Hannah's cousin's church. They gave Joseph a cute little kite that he just loves! He is pretty good at it, catching it in the wind. He has been holding up quite well in our busy schedule. He likes to travel and he doesn't know a stranger. There have been a few times though while getting him dressed for the service he would say "no church, no church". haha.

I have been getting good reports from our people in Honduras. Just today I talked with Jose and he said that the Sunday morning service was full and that God blessed. How exciting! Just a few weeks ago a man was saved at our second church in "Las Uvas". So we just thank God that the work continues onward, our people are doing well and God is blessing. Keep them in your prayers as they carry the load during our absence.
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Dorcas said...

The picture of Joseph with the kite is so cute!

jeanne said...

glad your having lots of fun too, amongst all the traveling...