Catching Up

Wow time really got away from me, things have been going way to fast. We left Pa right before Easter and headed to Cincinnati. Before we left Joseph got to color Easter eggs with his cousins. He also loved all the Easter egg hunts.
The week after Easter we headed to the I.H.Convention. It was a great convention, as usual there were great speakers, beautiful singing and wonderful fellowship. I really enjoyed it.

During the convention Joseph got to make a new friend. He got a good hug from Gabe Norris' little girl. haha

Here is Joseph and his cousin Eathan sharing a stroller. These two little guys hit it off.

After I.H.C. we went out to eat with some of the Hope International staff and missionaries. I so enjoyed hearing about the work in Taiwan.

Joseph is having a blast staying with his grandma and aunt Liz. They took him to the park the other day. It was so sunny and warm, it was nice to get out.

We got invited over to uncle Tim's house for a cook-out. We had big juicy hamburgers, mmmmm sooooo good.

Hannah's family surprised me the day after my birthday with a party. Her grandpa and a lot of her aunt's and uncles came over to the house to celebrate. It was very nice.

I'm not two years old. There is another number that should go beside that two but it's a secret!!


jeanne said...

Joseph gets to "swing" all over the world..haha
good times with the family.

Dorcas said...

Looks like you had a nice party!! You all sure are busy!!