They're Here!!!!

After many hours of hard work, late nights, lots of emails, proofing and editing and even a few bloopers, "A Church Planter's Journey" is now available! Ten boxes arrived yesterday from the duplicators. We are sooo excited. Again we want to thank Jon Plank for his hard work in making this project possible. You did a great job. Also, we want to say thank you to my brother Scott for sacrificing his time to do some great photography for the video and cover. Thanks so much.

Be sure to get your copy while supplies last! If you don't see us at I.H.C. or during one of our deputation services write us and request your copy. We will be happy to mail you one. These DVDs are available for any size donation.

We thank God for his help in all of this. It was something totally new, and we felt His strength and help through it all. Our prayer is that each DVD will be a little ambassador and be a blessing to many hearts and a tool in God's hands.


Anonymous said...

Save us one......we will see you with a donation!! Uncle T and Aunt C

Eric said...

Sounds good!! We'll see you soon.

The Donaheys said...

Hope to see you at IHC!

Belinda2 said...

Where can we write to receive a copy of the DVD?

Belinda Ashby

Eric said...

You can write to
Eric Kuhns
121 Melmar Drive
Lewisburg, Pa 17837