A New Name in Glory

This morning I was feeling a little down, today was primary elections and a lot of our people were missing from church. But nevertheless God came and helped us in the service. I preached about Elijah and the prophets of Baal. During the altar call Xumara and another lady came forward to pray. Her husband Jose had accepted Christ back in August. He has been praying for her ever since. He was so happy to see her come forward and ask Christ into her heart. Pray for this couple and their family. God has really been helping them. It turned out to be a pretty exciting Sunday.


Christmas Comes to the New Life Evangelical Holiness Church

Our church is ready for Christmas. Sandra came and decorated the sancturary with some of her decorations that she wasn't going to use this year. It really helped to set the tone for the season.


Snapshots from Our Trip

Joseph loved playing at the beach. He wasn't real sure about getting buried in the sand, I think he was a little clastrophobic.

Two wonderful sister-in-laws

We got to meet up with Steve Mowery. Our missions director from back in the college days!

We enjoyed spending time with P.D. and Sherri Wolf. Thanks guys for a wonderful meal and time of fellowship. It was great!
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We're Home:-)

It's good to be back in Tegucigalpa. It was a long day of travel but we finally made it home. When we walked in the door, our Christmas tree was up and decorated and a big banner said welcome home! Last night the church people made a big welcome home meal. It was so nice. There is no place like home!


What a nice surprise to see my uncle Gerald and aunt Sarah. They made a three and a half hour trip from Summerfield to pay us a visit. We had a good time catching up on all the news. Thanks so much for coming down!!

A group photo of our mission leaders and the missionaries present at the convention. It was a great convention.


Happy Days

It has been so nice to be with Hannah's family for these few days. We celebrated an early Thanksgiving meal at Crackerbarrel and it was soooo good. We got to see Eathan for the first time. He is growing so fast and is just as cute as a button. We have had a great time.


Joseph helped himself to the candy tray at the mission display.

It was good to see Bonnie Cleaver.

Getting ready for service.


Pastor's Retreat

I'm just now catching up on our pastor's retreat. It was the first time ever to get all our pastor's in Central America together at the same time. Only two of our pastor's didn't make it.
Each morning we started with a time of prayer and then had a morning and afternoon session with an evening service. Our theme was the "Good Shepherd" . God helped us each day. Our pastors went home refreshed and challenged to do more for the Lord.
The day before we left we went to a restaurant for a banquet and enjoyed the typical rice, beans and chicken. It was very good.
It was nice to see some fellow missionaries from Mexico. We had a nice time of fellowship. We look forward to making this an annual event.


On the Move

We are headed north to Jalapa, Guatemala for our first ever
Central American pastor's retreat. We are so excited. Then on the 10th we are headed to Hobe Sound, Florida to speak at the missions convention. Maybe we'll see you there!! Pray for us!


Look Who Stopped By!

Stephen, Yvonne, Hannah and Daniel Delong

Thanks for the visit. We had so much fun!


Joseph Had A Blast

Thursday and Friday of this week we were privileged to have the Steve Delong family pay us a visit. They are missionaries in San Pedro Sula with I.C.H.A. They had to make a trip to Tegucigalpa and was able to stop in for awhile. On Friday we took the kids to an education center where they got to enjoy a lot of hands-on learning. Hannah, is close to Joseph's age so he really had fun playing with her. Hopefully they will come and see us again soon!