May Deputation

Here is a little recap of some of the things we did in May. The first two weeks we spent in Pennsylvania with my parents. The two Josephs enjoyed reading a book together. Great memories!
We were with my mother on Mother's Day. We had a wonderful meal together.
Then we headed back out to Cincinnati to attend Nate's graduation at God's Bible School.
Go Nate!
The first time I met Nate he came running down the stairs in a superman outfit, shook my hand and said, "welcome to the family" He was only seven years old. It's hard to believe he is graduated from high school.
We had a nice graduation celebration. Hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and just a good time.
Spent some time with Hannah's grandma and grandpa.
We headed South and got to see my cousin Mark and his family in Galax, Virginia. It's always fun being with them.
We have had 35 services and another 30 some to go! God has helped us every step of the way.
We had a great time in Harker's Island, North Carolina. We always enjoy being with the church there. We even got to stop by the ocean.
Enjoying a visit to the ocean in NC.
Every chance Joseph gets he wants to fly his kite. We are ready for summer!


An Amish Meal

We enjoyed a very unique experience recently. A man from our home church in Pa invited us with several other people to an Amish meal. The food was incredible and it was interesting to be in an Amish home and see just a little bit of what their life is like on the farm.
Visiting the stables before supper.
I don't know that I have ever seen a table so long. The food was out of this world!
Home made rhubarb pie. Words cannot describe...
Jonas took Joseph for a ride in the buggy after supper.
Big Rex.


Deputation Continued

Deputation has been going very well. It's been a lot of fun seeing our friends and family. The churches have been so supportive. The Bible Methodist of Tennessee church in Powellsville, Ohio gave both of the boys toys. What a blessing!
Happy for his presents!
We try to spice up our long hour rides by stopping by interesting things to see and do. We made a stop off at Marblehead, Ohio near Lake Erie. There is a beautiful lighthouse there that is still in use. This house is called the "Keepers House", built back in the 1800's by the first man who kept the lighthouse.
Benajah and Rachel Wolcott the first keepers of the lighthouse.
The beautiful lighthouse.
Enjoying Lake Erie.
What a wonderful view.
We also visited Johnson's Island out in the lake where during the civil war confederate officials were imprisoned. The prison was dismantled but there is still a cemetery that is open to the public.
Dreaming about the next stop, uncle Tim's and Aunt Connie's house.
 Having fun with uncle Tim on the golf cart.
The boys played while we waited for the juicy hamburgers to grill.
Hannah got to drive her dream car, a red corvette convertible!
On our way to Mahaffey, Pa for a service we made a quick stop in Punxsutawney, famous for Phil the groundhog who "predicts" whether or not we will have another six weeks of winter or if spring is just around the corner.
Punxsutawney Phil was asleep when we stopped by to see him.
A bigger version of Phil.
Back to some of my ol'e stomping grounds. I made some great memories in Mahaffey, Pa.
Joseph took a few shots on uncle Den's new pistol.
Before leaving Mahaffey we took the boys to grandma and grandpa Hoch's grave. Daniel didn't have the privilege of ever meeting them but Joseph remembers grammy Hoch. We still have one of her hand made quilts that she made for me when I was just a little boy.



Skyler's First Birthday

My little nephew Skyler turned one! He had a cookie monster themed party to celebrate his big day.
His aunt Sarah made the edible cake toppers, aunt Hannah baked the cake, and grandma Brown iced the cake. It turned out great.
Lots of goodies to enjoy!
Enjoying his smash cake.
Happy Birthday Skyler!


Congratulations Nate!

My brother-in-law Nate is getting ready to graduate from high school. A few days ago we went out to shoot some senior pictures.