Our First Church Youth Retreat

I'm feeling a little tuckered out after our youth retreat. It was a lot of fun though. We rented a cabin about 20 minutes outside the city, where I took the boys swimming, we cooked out, played soccer and I talked about different spiritual truths. Youth from both of our churches attended the retreat. We had a really good time. Here the boys are helping me get a fire going to cook lunch.
 Joseph loved trying to get the fire going.
A beautiful waterfalls near the cabin.
Enjoying a game of Monopoly.
They really liked playing Uno.
Nothing like juicy hamburgers cooked over the fire.

Joseph had the time of his life. 
 It was nice to bond with our young people and to teach them some truths from God's Word. Many of them come from rough homes. Hopefully this retreat will help to plant some seeds in their hearts that will bear fruit for the Lord.
Joseph did his best to keep up with the big kids. He wanted to be involved with whatever they were doing. It was hilarious.
Playing ball tag.
Our group of thirteen young people that attended the retreat.
16 people PLUS luggage in a seven passenger Four Runner!!!! What a ride that was!! hahaha. It's good to be home safe and sound. hehe.


It was a great marriage seminar!

It was a privilege to welcome Butch Heath back to Honduras for his second seminar with us. It was another success!! God used him in a powerful way to impact our couples. Thank the Lord for His help.
On the way to Tegucigalpa from the airport we stopped at beautiful lake Yojoa to enjoy some fried Tilapia.
Hannah and the church ladies had the sanctuary all decorated so nice!
Mike Barjum did an excellent job translating for Brother Heath.
Intently listening to the session.
On Sunday morning Hannah had a house full of kids for Sunday school.
Sunday was a busy day. We had a morning session, lunch then an afternoon session and supper. Here the ladies are getting lunch ready to serve. They did a great job on the food.

After the last session the married couples renewed their vows and then kissed!!

The couples that renewed their vows received a certificate.
Our Sunday group with the children. It was nice to see some brand new people come to our church during the seminar for the very first time. We hope they will keep coming.
Before flying home I took brother Heath to the 4th largest Spanish fort in the America's. It was built during the 1700's by the Spanish to store gold, chocolate and other produce they were shipping out of Central America.
On top of the fort walls.
One of the old guard towers.
We enjoyed lunch and a cold coke on the beach. It was delicious.
We want to say a big thank you to Bro. Heath for doing the seminar. It was such a blessing to our church people. One of the ladies said, "I feel like we are starting over in our marriage". That makes it all worthwhile!


Marriage Seminar

 Tomorrow night will start our second marriage seminar. It is an honor to have Butch Heath from Crisis Family Ministries here again to teach our couples about having a healthy marriage. Beyond the fact that we want to help couples and families, we are also hoping to see new couples start to attend our regular services through this seminar. Please help us pray. We really need God to help us. The seminar runs from Friday night, all afternoon on Saturday and two sessions on Sunday.
 Butch Heath. Pastor and marriage counselor from Hobe Sound, Florida.


Getting ready to pour the floor

It's time to pour the floor!! Here the guys are laying the re-bar for the platform.
Wired and ready to go.
The cement molding around the door I think looks really nice. 


Birthday Girls

This past Sunday we celebrated the three birthday girls' birthdays. They all have birthdays this month. Mimi, Michell and Hannah. Joseph gave the rose to Mimi since Sunday was her birthday. 


Project Update

Here is a look at the inside of the church. Right now the guys are working on smoothing out the walls and getting them ready for painting. We still have to pour the floor.
Smoothing the wall.
Working on the window seal.
There is lots of cement to mix.
Things are looking better!


Our little Get-away

We took a three day mini vacation last week. We just needed to get away and catch our breath. We decided to rent a cabin near a lake about three hours from here. It was very relaxing and we had a lot of fun. On the way to the cabin we stopped to see some caves.
Our little spelunker.
A very interesting stalagmite.
Our little cabin. It was nice to hear the crickets at night. I miss that living in the city.
Enjoying a banana shake. Mmmm so good.
This is the life!! Swinging in a hammock.

We stopped and saw the famous Pulhapanzak water falls.

I would love to go swimming under the falls sometime. 
This lizard was enjoying the view of the falls as well.
We enjoyed a lovely picnic along the river. Joseph is wearing my t-shirt because he got in the water and got his shirt all wet. He looked like Casper the friendly ghost. hehe.