Our First Church Youth Retreat

I'm feeling a little tuckered out after our youth retreat. It was a lot of fun though. We rented a cabin about 20 minutes outside the city, where I took the boys swimming, we cooked out, played soccer and I talked about different spiritual truths. Youth from both of our churches attended the retreat. We had a really good time. Here the boys are helping me get a fire going to cook lunch.
 Joseph loved trying to get the fire going.
A beautiful waterfalls near the cabin.
Enjoying a game of Monopoly.
They really liked playing Uno.
Nothing like juicy hamburgers cooked over the fire.

Joseph had the time of his life. 
 It was nice to bond with our young people and to teach them some truths from God's Word. Many of them come from rough homes. Hopefully this retreat will help to plant some seeds in their hearts that will bear fruit for the Lord.
Joseph did his best to keep up with the big kids. He wanted to be involved with whatever they were doing. It was hilarious.
Playing ball tag.
Our group of thirteen young people that attended the retreat.
16 people PLUS luggage in a seven passenger Four Runner!!!! What a ride that was!! hahaha. It's good to be home safe and sound. hehe.


Jeanne said...

your just having too much fun over there...:)
that was really nice.

debbie said...

I bet it was an experience those kids will never forget.The time that was spent with them will make an eternal impression I am sure.