Our little Get-away

We took a three day mini vacation last week. We just needed to get away and catch our breath. We decided to rent a cabin near a lake about three hours from here. It was very relaxing and we had a lot of fun. On the way to the cabin we stopped to see some caves.
Our little spelunker.
A very interesting stalagmite.
Our little cabin. It was nice to hear the crickets at night. I miss that living in the city.
Enjoying a banana shake. Mmmm so good.
This is the life!! Swinging in a hammock.

We stopped and saw the famous Pulhapanzak water falls.

I would love to go swimming under the falls sometime. 
This lizard was enjoying the view of the falls as well.
We enjoyed a lovely picnic along the river. Joseph is wearing my t-shirt because he got in the water and got his shirt all wet. He looked like Casper the friendly ghost. hehe.


Jeanne said...

that was nice and very beautiful.
I wouldn't mind going there someday.

Glad y'all could get a much needed break. Where y'all went looks like a fun place to visit.

Happy New Year. I'm praying for Hannah and baby. =)

Great pictures! Glad you were able to spend some time relaxing!

Joanna said...

Now that looks like a blast!! How beautiful!!! He is just like you!