A Very Special Baptism!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010 was one of the highlights of my life. I was privileged to baptized a 93 year old lady, Caridad. She is Sandra's grandmother. For years she ridiculed the church and everyone that was a Christian. Her family had prayed for her for years. She didn't want anything to do with God or Christianity. But back in April of this year after she had fallen and broken her hip, Hannah and I went to visit her. During that visit I began to talk to her about God and salvation. Before I left I gently asked her if she would like to accept Christ as her Savior, without hardly any hesitation, she said "yes". That day she prayed a sinners prayer and since then her life has been different. I began to disciple her, teaching her a lesson a week. She learned and understood a lot. She finished her classes several months ago but she wanted to wait to be baptized until all her family were here. They were all coming for Christmas. So this past Sunday as her family stood watching, she was baptized. Talk about an awesome baptism. God's presence was all over that place. People were crying and giving testimonies thanking God for the miracle He has done in her life. I felt so honored to be able to baptize her. Not everyone gets the chance of baptizing a 93 year old lady. God can change anyone at any age!!
 The first time I ever baptized by pouring. But considering that she is 93, with a broken spine, recovering from a broken hip and has high blood pressure, immersion was kinda out of the question. hahaha.


debbie said...

What a blessing.! My heart was blessed as I read and looked at the pictures. I am sure this was a big encouragement for you all too.

sandra said...

pastor Eric mi familia esta etrnamente agradecida con Dios primeramente y luego con usted por su perseverancia y pasiencia con mi mama Dios siga bendiciendo su vida de una manera muy especial Dios lo hizo posible y busco a un gringuito de pensilvania para bautizar a mi mama que bendicion.

Joanna said...

What a blessing.....what a blessing. Praise God...haha what a blessing, reading this...it just ran through my heart.