Joseph Brings Christmas to Las Uvas

We had a wonderful Christmas. Despite our electricity being off all day on Christmas day it was still nice. After the electric came on at about 5:30 Hannah stuck our turkey in the oven and we ate at about 9:00. We each got a lot of nice gifts and it was nice to be together. Hannah has started a Christmas tradition of baking cinnamon bread and giving a loaf to all our church families and friends. This year she made 37 loaves!
We talked Joseph into giving some of his toys away this year. Space is limited in our house and with new toys coming on Christmas he needed to make some room. So we went through his toys and decided to give them to poor children. He actually got excited about it. Here he is washing his potato head getting it ready to be wrapped.
He loved helping me hand out the gifts and food to everybody. This was some peanut butter fudge that Hannah made for Mike Barjum and his family.
Joseph took his toys to the children in Las Uvas. You can see in the background the kind of homes these families live in. He put on his santa hat, put a pillow in his shirt and carried bells and went around handing out gifts to the boys and girls.
The families were so thankful for the gifts.

Since Joseph didn't have any girl toys we bought little dolls for the girls. I love the smile on Kenya's face, she was so happy.


Jeanne said...

Now that is what Christmas is all about...

debbie said...

I agree Jeanne, I think this touched my heart more than anything else that has happened this year. I couldn't help but cry and Thank our Precious Savior for coming and being our gift at Christmas. Look at Joseph, he is learning what Christmas is all about first hand.