A Review of the Last Month

Wow, the last month and a half has gone by like a whirlwind. I'm not even sure where to start recounting the events. Going back to January we had Hannah's cousin, Dr. Tony Robbins come and stay with us for a week. He is a pastor in Ohio and came down with a work team to Honduras. After the team went home, he came and visited with us and helped out in a lot of ways. We really enjoyed having him here.
One of the first things we did while Tony was here was head to Las Delicias to work some more on the adobe church. The old walls had been covered in plastic and when we tore the plastic off there were about twenty scorpions laying on top of the wall!! One of the workers got stung by one.
I was so excited to be able to lay the corner adobe to begin work on the church.
Trying to keep cool on a hot work day.
The guys worked hard all day, hauling dirt, water and laying adobes.
A job well done!!
While he was here he treated us to some of his awesome Chet Atkins style guitar pickin'. He also preached in several of the services. He was a real blessing!!
We couldn't let him leave without trying some good Honduran fried fish. He really enjoyed it!!
We enjoyed a trip to Amapala, Honduras. An island on the Pacific side of the country. The sunset on the way home was awesome!
Three days after Tony left I boarded a plane and headed to Hobe Sound, Florida to be part of the Spanish camp and the 25th anniversary celebration of Spanish Ministries. There were over 600 Hispanics at the camp. God's presence blessed the meetings as Glen Reiff, Sidney Grant and G.R. French spoke during the services.
The H.I.M. Spanish pastors who were present at the camp. They each received a certificate of appreciation for their service.
It was great to catch up with Guillermo and Violet Camposeco. When I was 13 years old she was teaching Spanish at Penn View where I was attending school. God had called me to be a missionary but I still wasn't clear as to what country He wanted me to go to. During a chapel service at school Violet stood and testified and with tears pouring down her face she asked us to pray for her people in Honduras. God used her testimony to make it clear to me that Honduras was where he wanted me to go!!
I was glad to see my conference president Harry Plank. 
My brother Steve and his family drove down from Tampa. I really enjoyed spending time with them and catching up on all the news.
When I flew home from Florida I had some visitors waiting for me. Doug and Sarah Rine and family!! Doug and I have been best of friends, we grew up together and we have done everything together. What a blast to have them come for two weeks!!
I put Doug to work at Las Delicias. If he isn't busy he is a handful. hahaha. 
I also got him to help me fix our stove outlet. It had burned up.
Here we are singing a duet in Spanish at Las Delicias. 
Something really fun we did while they were here was to spend a night at some cabins near a waterfall. We actually got a guide to take us in behind the falls to some caves. Talk about a wild experience, it was awesome. We then jumped off a thirty foot cliff into the river below.
We went zip lining right over the waterfalls!! Soooo much fun.

The day they left Maria invited us all over for seafood soup. It was delicious!! We really enjoyed having Doug and Sarah and Chloe and Caiden. We hope they come back soon!!!!