I'm Ready to Go

I have a rich heritage. I grew up in a little country church where we sang good ol'e fashioned songs lots of choruses and once and awhile even in Pennsylvania dutch. That music and flavor got into my blood and I still like to listen from time to time to those old style songs. Listening to the Lewis Family sing brings back so many memories of my childhood. There was a trio that sang at our church called the Rine-Swingle Trio. The Lewis Family reminds me of that trio. The message of those old songs just does something for my soul. Talking about music, something interesting happened Sunday night. Our neighbor who lives in the apartment above us after several invitations finally came to church. After singing some hymns he stood and testified that as a young boy his grandfather would take him to church and they would sing these old hymns. He said that many times he could hear our church people singing and it would bring back so many memories of his childhood. He said that he has been backslidden for a long time but those songs and the things his grandfather taught him stayed in his heart. After he finished testifying he came to the altar and gave his heart to Jesus!! Many of our church people have acknowledged that hearing the modern music that is being played in many churches today just doesn't have the spiritual depth as the old hymns and songs. There are just some things not worth changing.

This song talks about our flight to heaven. Well on Wednesday I have a flight to the states and I'm looking forward to spending some time with family and friends. I don't know when my flight to heaven will be but I'm so glad I know I'm ready to go!

I had never heard this song until recently. It has a great message. haha we are just chunks of coal with a lot of flaws and rough edges but we are going to be diamonds someday. I hope you enjoy the song.


Summer Vacation

Hi oh Silver away!!


Taken Off Guard!!

For some time now Hannah and the boys have been planning a surprise arrival to see her family in Cincinnati. Her uncle picked them at the airport and the next morning they went to another uncle's house to wait for her mom, brother and sister to show up. One by one they came to the house and one by one they got shocked!! It was great. 


Love Your Bible

May we learn to love and treasure the written word of God. What a blessing to open the Bible and read it in our own language. There are many groups around the world still waiting for that privilege.


A Special Visitor

Jim Helems from Akron, Ohio worked here in Tegucigalpa as a missionary back in the 1980's. Since returning to live in the states he has made several trips back to Honduras to visit old friends and acquaintances. He heard that we were serving here, found our blog and has kept up on our ministry over the years. He contacted us while in Tegucigalpa and came to church to see firsthand what he has been reading about on the blog for so long. It was such a pleasure to meet Jim, he truly loves the Honduran people, our lives have been enriched by his friendship. Thanks for stopping by Jim, we hope you come back soon!!


Baptisms and Birthdays

We had a very busy and exciting weekend. Saturday morning we got up early and got things ready for our baptism. We had two vans rented plus our car. We all piled in and headed for San Matias to the river. Some of our people don't get to travel much, so a trip to the country was extra special. They were so excited.
Daniel is never in need of someone to hold him, there are many arms open and waiting.
The six candidates for baptism. The boy in the front is actually from an EFM church here in Tegucigalpa. Their pastor died back in March so they asked me to baptize Adonay. The other five are all from our Tiloarque church.
Starting the service with prayer.
Singing choruses.
Roberto has a shining testimony!! He was saved back in October and has just given it his all, wanting to serve the Lord. It has been encouraging to watch him grow in grace.
Baptizing Adriana, she and her family started coming to church in September of last year. They have grown leaps and bounds!!
Olga slowly waded into the water, scared to death. But when she came out of the water she was all smiles!!! It was worth it just to see her expression. God has really been helping her, so encouraging!!
Saturday was also Joseph's sixth birthday so we took advantage of the moment to have a little party after the baptisms.
Pablo sharpening his guitar skills.
Piñata time!! One of Joseph's favorite things to do at a party.
One hit closer to the candy.
Even some of the adults tried their hand at it.
Hannah made him a smurf cake.
On Sunday morning I handed out the baptism certificates. You would have thought they were receiving their doctorates in theology. They were so thrilled! Here is Roberto's wife Yennifer receiving her diploma.

Adriana's husband Manuel.