First Day of Kindergarten

It's one of those moments that makes you think, "how is this possible?" but today Joseph started kindergarten. He is really excited about it and really likes his school and teacher. We will see what he says in about two or three weeks when homework starts building up. haha. 
He is very proud of his Toy Story backpack!!
All packed and ready for the big day!!
He is attending a Bilingual school called "Nashville School". This is his teacher. She seems very nice and speaks very good English. We hope that he will get a good solid English foundation in reading and writing but we also want him to learn to speak Spanish while talking and playing with his friends.
There are a lot of kindergartners in the school so they have them divided into three or four separate classes. Joseph is in Kindergarten class C.
Daniel got to sit with his big brother at his desk for a little while before we left. 


Class Is Now In Session!

For some time now we have been seeing the need to form leaders in our churches. Without pastors, teachers and established deacons we will not be able to grow our churches or plant new ones. So on Saturday we had our first Bible Institute class. We are working as an extension Institute of the Hispanic Bible Institute in Florida. They are sending us the books and notes and helping to oversee this endeavor. We are really excited about the group that we have signed up. We just ask you to pray that they will work hard and that they will be used by God in a powerful way.
Our eight students. Right now we are working on Orientation and then we hope to start with Old Testament Survey and probably Personal Evangelism.


San Pedro Sula Trip Report

God heard your prayers and we had a wonderful revival in San Pedro Sula. I really felt the prayers of God's people, there were many seekers at the the altar, some new converts, it was very exciting!! I just praise God for his faithfulness, we can't do anything without Him.
It was nice to see some old friends from the church. There were also a lot of new people that have started to attend since we were there last. 
Near San Pedro Sula is an old Spanish fort that dates back to the 1750's. I had visited the fort before but Hannah and the kids had never been there. So we decided to take a day trip to Omoa and take a little tour.
Looking from the chapel into the middle of the fort.
In October 1779 150 British troops attacked the fort and overtook the 365 Spaniards who were defending it. The British only held the fort for a few months and abandoned it after so many deaths from tropical diseases and the threat of a counterattack by Spain. In this picture Joseph is pointing out some of the cannon ball holes left in the wall from the attack. The fort was also attacked by pirates from the sea and there are still holes in the top walls from those attacks as well.
Beautiful architecture. 
The Spaniards brought cocoa beans, gold and silver and other trading goods and stored them here at the fort before transporting them back to Spain.
Turrets on the top walls where guards would shoot at any approaching enemies.
This was one of the best fried fish I have ever eaten. It was so big Hannah and I had to share it.
Roger's wife Martha holding Daniel.
We had such a nice time and we thank all of you who prayed for the services. God really moved and encouraged the people. Thank the Lord we had a safe trip and a good time!




Preaching Revival

We are headed out Thursday for San Pedro Sula where I will be preaching a revival. We sure would appreciate your prayers for traveling mercies and also for God's help in ministering. The revival will be Thursday thru Sunday at Roger Ortiz's church. Expecting great things from God.


A Trip to Catch Crayfish

About three years ago I went on a fishing trip with brother Baudilio and his sons to catch crayfish. At the time Joseph was too little to go with me, but this year he was big enough to make the trip. He was so excited. The night before we left he was helping me get our picnic lunch all ready and he couldn't stop talking about all the fun we were going to have. At about 2:30 in the morning he came and woke us up wondering if it was time to go fishing yet!! He couldn't wait to try out his new net and also do some swimming in the creek.
I bought two little nets so it would be easier to catch the crayfish. Mine is the yellow one and Joseph's is the blue one.
We had to make about a three mile hike back into the middle of nowhere. Part of way was this little cow path down to the bottom of the valley to the creek. We got a good work out.
The creek was at the base of this mountain. We had to wind our way to the bottom of the mountain.
 The creek was a beautiful mountain stream with little waterfalls. It didn't take Joseph long at all to get his feet in the water and before long he was swimming and sliding down the waterfalls. He had so much fun, he didn't want to go home.
There were some massive water spiders clinging to the big boulders. They gave me the creeps.
Here is a picture of the crayfish Joseph caught, (with a little help of course). He was pretty excited!
I'm not sure if this is considered a crayfish or something like a freshwater lobster but this thing was huge! From the tip of its pincher to it's tail was about a foot long. They also caught some freshwater crabs.
Joseph spent most of the day swimming rather than fishing. He is a little water bug.
Between everybody we caught about 30lbs. of crabs and crayfish. They will either be fried or made in soup. I prefer them fried!! They plan to bring us some tomorrow.
Here is the gang that went. It was a lot of fun the only thing was making the hike back out. I thought I was going to die!!!! It was soo hot, my face was burning red, my heart was pounding like a jackhammer and I was sweating like a pig. haha. I was never so glad to see our car. Almost the whole way out Joseph would ask me, "is it around the next bend?", "is that the last corner?"... It was good exercise but I wouldn't want to do it everyday.


Special Thanks

We want to express our gratitude to the Richfield Evangelical Methodist Church and their youth group for coming and working with us. The team did a fantastic job, they worked hard and accomplished a lot for the glory of God. Thanks for taking the time and giving the money to make this trip possible. Our churches are very grateful for all that you have done.

We also want to say thank you to the people at the Gospel Center in Lebanon, Pa for the cash offering and gifts that you sent. It was a nice surprise! Thanks for your support and friendship and also for your support in sending Kristen along on the team. She was a great help and we will be praying for her as she continues to follow God's will for her life.


Day 6

Thursday was our free day to go site seeing and souvenir shopping. 
Enjoying some good Honduran food. A variety of grilled meats with rice and beans. mmmmm.
We also went to Picachu where a statue of Christ overlooks Tegucigalpa.
The group at Picachu.
It's an awesome view of the city!
For supper that night we all decided to be brave and dive into the Honduran culture and try a food none of us had ever tried before...iguana soup! Here is a look at the pieces of meat that came in the soup. Notice the long tail in the middle.
Is everybody ready to try it???? Here we go...
hmmmm not bad, it's tastes like chicken!! haha that's no joke either, it did taste like a chewy gooey chicken. Everybody seemed to like it, but I don't think we will be craving it.
As a token of our appreciation we presented the group with a hand carved picture of a Honduran village. At the bottom is engraved "Richfield Evangelical Methodist Church, Honduras 2011".
The Montoya family volunteered their services and their home for the group. They did a great job. It was a big help to us.
Time to say good-bye. Breanna you can come and babysit anytime!!
12:30 a.m. Friday morning and the group is on the bus ready to make the four hour trip back to San Pedro Sula for their 7:00 a.m. flight to the states.


Day 5

Wednesday we headed back to Honduras and arrived home around 3:00 p.m. We hit the streets in our community handing out church brochures and inviting people to church.
We broke up into three teams and went door-to-door leaving church invitations.
It was a hot afternoon so after all that walking we decided to eat a tutti-frutti. They are made from hunks of fruit frozen in fruit punch. mmmmm so good and refreshing.
That night at church we had a bilingual service. Kristen Artz and Caila Rice both shared devotionals.


Day 4

Still a little sleepy the group was up bright and early Tuesday morning to start priming and painting. But first was a scrumptious breakfast at the hotel.
I'm not sure how we did it, but twelve of us piled into our five passenger 4Runner and headed to the church to work.
Priming the outside walls.
Joseph had to get in on the action.
The pastor chose a peach color for the outside.
A light blue for the inside.
This cute little girl couldn't just stand by watching any longer, she wanted to see how that roller worked.
A beautiful church!! The pastor didn't want the bottom painted because he plans to paint a base around the bottom of the walls. The team did an excellent job!
Pastor Julio with his freshly painted church!
I think we all felt like this at the end of the day.