A Trip to Catch Crayfish

About three years ago I went on a fishing trip with brother Baudilio and his sons to catch crayfish. At the time Joseph was too little to go with me, but this year he was big enough to make the trip. He was so excited. The night before we left he was helping me get our picnic lunch all ready and he couldn't stop talking about all the fun we were going to have. At about 2:30 in the morning he came and woke us up wondering if it was time to go fishing yet!! He couldn't wait to try out his new net and also do some swimming in the creek.
I bought two little nets so it would be easier to catch the crayfish. Mine is the yellow one and Joseph's is the blue one.
We had to make about a three mile hike back into the middle of nowhere. Part of way was this little cow path down to the bottom of the valley to the creek. We got a good work out.
The creek was at the base of this mountain. We had to wind our way to the bottom of the mountain.
 The creek was a beautiful mountain stream with little waterfalls. It didn't take Joseph long at all to get his feet in the water and before long he was swimming and sliding down the waterfalls. He had so much fun, he didn't want to go home.
There were some massive water spiders clinging to the big boulders. They gave me the creeps.
Here is a picture of the crayfish Joseph caught, (with a little help of course). He was pretty excited!
I'm not sure if this is considered a crayfish or something like a freshwater lobster but this thing was huge! From the tip of its pincher to it's tail was about a foot long. They also caught some freshwater crabs.
Joseph spent most of the day swimming rather than fishing. He is a little water bug.
Between everybody we caught about 30lbs. of crabs and crayfish. They will either be fried or made in soup. I prefer them fried!! They plan to bring us some tomorrow.
Here is the gang that went. It was a lot of fun the only thing was making the hike back out. I thought I was going to die!!!! It was soo hot, my face was burning red, my heart was pounding like a jackhammer and I was sweating like a pig. haha. I was never so glad to see our car. Almost the whole way out Joseph would ask me, "is it around the next bend?", "is that the last corner?"... It was good exercise but I wouldn't want to do it everyday.


Jeanne said...

OH my!!! what a fun day.
Joseph looks happy..and what a "big" crayfish....it does look like a lobster.

Scott said...

Looks like a great time!

Lizzie Brown said...

:) thanks for posting pics..I know Jojo was so excited to go..so glad u guys had a great time..

debbie said...

Well it did sound like an exciting day. So glad you all had so much fun. I think Honduras has some of the most beautiful country in the world. So many little waterfalls.