Day 3

Monday morning was spent traveling to Nicaragua. It took us longer than usual since we couldn't all ride together in our vehicle. Part of the group rode with us and the other part when on a bus. We had a few small difficulties at the border but we finally made it into Nicaragua. We arrived at about 2:00 p.m. and we were so hungry. So the first thing we did was head to a local restaurant for some grub. Brent and Brenda shared a romantic pineapple juice together during the meal.
Since we arrived later than we had planned we decided to go ahead and start priming the inside of the church that night. This church has existed for more than eight years but this was the first time it was ever painted. What a huge blessing for this congregation!
We used an oil based paint, so it was really sticky, so sticky that Blake could hold his brush on the tips of his fingers without it falling.