A Delicious Arabic Meal

Today we were invited to Nidia Kafati's house for lunch. She made an Arabic dish called Mogluba. It consists of a layer of meat, followed by a layer of cauliflower, then rice cooked all together. When it is ready a dish is placed on top of the pot then turned upside down. Thus the name "upside down." It was great.


Keep Praying!

Keep praying for the campaign!!! It's just two weeks away!


Off to the press!!

Today I took the banner design to get printed. It's a 3'x7' banner that announces the campaign. We are going to hang it on the wall where we will be holding services. I'm so excited. It should be ready by Wednesday!


David and Goliath

This little David used a few stones and a BOOK!


Story Time

Joseph loves books. Here he is enjoying another good story with his little monkey.


Pray and Fast!

Remember that Thursdays are special days for prayer and fasting for the upcoming campaign. Will you join us? Help us pray for a great outpouring of God's presence and that souls will be saved!


Soccer Stars

This morning a big coach pulled up in front of our house. One of the most famous soccer teams in Honduras is headquartered here in our community. Apparently they were headed off to a big game. The press showed up to interview some of the team leaders. This man here is the picture is the team trainer.


Keep Praying

Did you remember to pray for the upcoming campaign today? Pray for a great revival. March 14-16


A Cultural Tour

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A Valentine's Box

We were thrilled to receive a box of goodies from Hannah's mother. It was full of nice gifts and lots of candy!! Thanks so much mom!! Here are a few of the nice things she sent us.


Long Lost Friends

I had gotten word that the Mifflinburg church of the Nazarene had a work team in Honduras on a missions trip. After finding out a few more details I was able to meet them at the airport before their departure. It was great to see some old friends, Brett Foster and Jeff Yount. I hope they had a good trip home, back to cold and snowy Pennsylvania. It was great to see you guys!


Urgent Prayer Needed!!

We are excitedly planning our very first open air evangelistic campaign. This corner lot next to our house is ideally located in our community along the main road. Our landlord is right now finalizing plans to construct apartments in this lot in March but they said they will wait until after the campaign. So most likely we will never be able to use this ground again. We need your prayers!! God has already been doing so many wonderful things. Recently a man prayed to be saved and has been doing very well in his Bible studies. I know there are more sinners just like him that we can reach!! These special services are scheduled for March 14-16 mark your calendar and join us in prayer!!

Pastors Roger Ortiz and Jose Fuentes will be joining us with several from their churches to help with music, preaching and flyer distribution. Our hopes are that this campaign will help to jumpstart the church. We want to see this church started on revival fires. We want to see God move with conviction on hearts and lives who need His salvation.

We are attempting to raise $2,000 to help cover the expenses of this campaign. There are banners and flyers to print, equipment to rent, and food to buy for the groups coming to help. If you or your church would be inerested in giving towards this project you can send your offerings to Hope International Missions, P.O. Box 1065, Hobe Sound, Fl. 33475 and be sure to memo your checks 'Kuhns Evangelistic Campaign'. We would deeply appreciate it.

The next several Thursdays leading up to the campaign will be special days of prayer and fasting. If you would be interested, take some special time to help us cover this outreach in prayer. We desperately need God's help and presence.


A Brand New Convert!!!

On January 31 it was a privilege to pray with Bauilio Flores to be saved. God is answering prayer. He works as a guard close to our home. While on duty he invites me to come and talk to him about the Bible. It has been so wonderful to see his excitement for spiritual things. One of his obstacles is that he is illiterate. So, in my teaching I often use pictures to illustrate the truths we are talking about. It has been a very interesting challenge. Please pray for Baulilio and rejoice with us as we celebrate a new name written down in glory!


Hannah´s Party

The Saturday before Hannah´s birthday we had a real nice party at the house. Several of our friends helped to plan a really fun time. We grilled meat, played games and enjoyed being together. One of the traditions they have here is that the birthday person has to take a bite out of the cake with their face. Sometimes they will smack your head into the cake making a big mess. Hannah was quick to advert such a disaster. I know this is a little late, but I want Hannah to know how much I love her and wish her many more happy years!


Joseph enjoying a view of the Pacific Ocean


Two Ways

Our Sunday school theme has been a lot of work but worth it! We made a mural out of foam, we did a lot of cutting and drawing. It shows the two ways, one leading to Heaven, the other to Hell. The figures on the trails we printed out on our computer and laminated them all. It has gone very good. Our first Sunday God`s presence was soo strong. Four of our boys came forward to pray. It was awsome! Our numbers have increased and the children´s behaviour has greatly improved. We are thanking God. I know there are many many people praying for us, we can feel and see your prayers at work!!