Joseph's New Bedroom!

My parents and my brother Scott repainted and redecorated Joseph's room. It looks super! They did it with a light blue on the top and a darker blue on the bottom. They brought a really nice sports theme border that went around the middle of the wall. It looks really good. Thanks guys for all your help!! You did a great job.


A New Dryer!!

We now have a dryer. Dad installed the 220 hook-up we needed and the dryer is up and running. No more hanging clothes and no more stiff starchy clothes!! What a blessing.


Valley of Angels

The "Valley of Angels" is so beautiful. It is a quaint little village that still retains its colonial roots. It's full of little shops where you can buy souvenirs or watch them being made. Nestled among the pine tree covered mountains, it is a great place to get-away.

This man is carving a scene on a door. They look awesome when they are finished.



Having Fun

Yesterday after finishing to paint Joseph's bedroom we went downtown to sight see. We went to a museum that highlites the past presidents of Honduras. It is located in an old mansion that was donated by an ex-president. It was beautiful. Scott had fun taking pics.

We visited the market. Everybody was really out of their comfort zone. It was great. Meat and flies, fruits and vegtables, and people everywhere! We passed a group of glue sniffers. That was a little scary. But thankfully nothing happened. It was an exciting adventure!


Work Day

It has been so much fun having my family here. Their first day here we put them to work. My dad is an all around handy-man. So he and I worked on putting in a 220 hook-up for a dryer!! Hannah of course is in her glory. This will help to lighten her load.

While we were working, sirens start blaring and fire trucks start to roar past our house. Just down the hill was a big grass fire. So we walked down to see what was going on. They had most of it put out by the time we got there.

My brother Scott loves painting and interior decorating. He is working on Joseph's room. We are going to paint it a light blue on top and a dark blue on the bottom with a border in between. It's going to look really nice.


They Arrived!!!!

My parents and my oldest brother arrived today for a special visit. This was the first time for my mom to fly. She did a really great job.

My dad was the church treasurer for over thirty years. As a reward for his years of service the church paid for my parents tickets. Thank you Beavertown God's Missionary Church!! It is so good to have my family here!!! They arrived on my parents 36th anniversary! What a thrill.

Here they are in line to go through customs. We could watch them on screens in the waiting area. They had no idea we were watching.

They brought a lot of special gifts. Joseph didn't know what to think of all this stuff. He loves his books that his cousins Brady and Holden gave to him. Thanks guys!


Jesus Lives!

Our Saviour lives and reigns! Our faith is not in vain. Jesus is risen he is risen indeed. Happy Easter!


Soccer Fanatics

It's all about soccer here. They dream about it, they play it everyday, they make birthday cakes in the shape of soccers, they looooooove soccer. The other day while we were getting groceries a crowd had gathered around the tv, they were watching a game between Honduras and Guatemala. Even the workers stopped their work to watch. When a point was made the crowd would cheer!! By the sounds of it, Honduras won the game. I saw lots of happy customers leaving the electronics area. haha


Dried Fish Soup

This week is one of the biggest weeks in Honduras. Everybody is on vacation. Many people spend the week at the beach. Here in Tegucigalpa the streets are barren. Shops are closed, and the buses aren't running. This is semana santa (holy week).
During this week the people eat fish. Brother Baudilio invited us the other day for dried fish soup. It was our first time to try it. It was actually very good. I wish you all could have had a bite.


Campaign 2008


Friday Recap

We rented lights that came with a generator. It lit up the whole yard. It was great!
We were able to rent a bus for the group who came from San Pedro Sula. The chofer who drove the bus was so impressed with the group he said he and his family are going to start to attend Roger's church in San Pedro. Thank the Lord!!

They arrived Friday about 4:oo in the afternoon. They were such a huge help all weekend!!

With the offerings you gave towards the campaign we rented 200 chairs, a generator with lights,bought a new mic and stand, 1,000 invitations, rented a bus for the group to come in from San Pedro, paid for food and much more! Thanks for giving!!!!!!!

God helped me to preach Friday night. We had a total of about 60 people. God's presence was there and I could sense his conviction on several people. While I was preaching one of our neighbors I noticed came out of his house and sat on the stairs to listen. Many others listened as they passed on the street. God definitely helped us!

We enjoyed a good meal after the service. Several people who attended also stayed and joined us.


Saturday Recap

Joseph eating a mango before the baptism.

Saturday afternoon was a special day. We all made a 1 and 1/2 hour trip to a beautiful river for a baptismal. It was super special for us because this was our very first person to be baptized into the church we are starting. Bro. Baudilio got saved in January and together we have been studying the Bible. Saturday was a big moment in his life too. We sang some choruses and Baudilio gave his testimony and quoted one of the verses he has memorized. He can't read so he is memorizing God's word. I believe his baptism helped to even strengthen him more in the faith.

Saturday night, there were actually a few less people then we had Friday night. Nevertheless God really helped us. We had the speakers cranked for all of Tiloarque to hear! Though not many were in the seats lots of people would stop on the street and listen. My heart was touched when I saw our next door neighbor Betty, stop and listen to the message. She told us she really appreciated the sermons. That meant so much!Roger preached a tremendous message on the story of Nicodemus and how we must be born again. He did a great job!

This campaign was a learning experience for all of us. No we didn't have big numbers, but God did some tremendous work. I feel that we have much more confidence with our community. They saw and heard our services, they realize this isn't just a show we are putting on, we are serious about souls. Because of this campaign we have some brand new contacts!! People who I never met before came to the services! There were just so many good things that happened.

Another encouraging thing that took place was that several people in our community gave to support this campaign. Some of these people I don't even know, they were complete strangers. They gave offerings to help cover the cost. That said something to me!! I feel like this campaign helped to put us on the map so to speak. We might not have seen souls saved liked we wished would have happened, but for me, this campaign was mission accomplished! I think we will see more results in the long run, it helped to lay a foundation. Only God knows what all was accomplished this past weekend.


Sunday Recap

Sunday morning we met in the church. It was a beautiful service. God's presence just came and touched our hearts. Brother Jose Fuentes delivered a wonderful message from Psalm 91. He touched on how God protects us and helps us in difficult times. It was food for my soul.

Hannah made Jordanian rice and beans for Sunday lunch. It was really good. A real surprise on Sunday morning was when the landlord, his wife and son came to the service and then joined us for lunch. Our landlord is Catholic. It was so awesome to seem them come to the service.

Here is the group that came to help this weekend. I think there were about twenty-four total. We couldn't have done it without them, they did a tremendous job. For many of them it was their first time to be in our home. It was a good experience for them to see the work here, it helped to increase their vision and better enable them to pray.


Clean-Up Day!

I got fried today working in the boiling sun! Brother Baudilio brought two other guys to help get the yard ready for the campaign. They were such a big help. They cut down the weeds, leveled out the ground and helped to pick up strewn garbage. This yard has been a construction site for about the last two years. So there was lots of stuff laying around. But after a long, hot, sweaty day the yard looks great!! Friday night we kick off the campaign!! Please pray for us, and pray that it doesn't rain!!!!!!!!!!!