They Arrived!!!!

My parents and my oldest brother arrived today for a special visit. This was the first time for my mom to fly. She did a really great job.

My dad was the church treasurer for over thirty years. As a reward for his years of service the church paid for my parents tickets. Thank you Beavertown God's Missionary Church!! It is so good to have my family here!!! They arrived on my parents 36th anniversary! What a thrill.

Here they are in line to go through customs. We could watch them on screens in the waiting area. They had no idea we were watching.

They brought a lot of special gifts. Joseph didn't know what to think of all this stuff. He loves his books that his cousins Brady and Holden gave to him. Thanks guys!


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Glad to see you made it. Have a great time!

awwww, I am so glad to see you all made it. Squeeze Joseph for me real good. Enjoy every minute. Time flies when your having fun.

Dorcas said...

I'm so glad they got to come down to visit you all!! Have lots of fun and make lots of memories while they're there. Keep posting pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Grammy was happy you made it, she called me the minute you hung up from calling. I'm excited for you! Have a wonderful time. carole & dave

Jason said...

woohoo!! You made it!! Have a great time!! :)

I thought the pic of Joseph helping Nana with her bags was really cute.

lizzie said... cool! I am so glad they made it there okay! I hope you guys really enjoy your time together!

Anonymous said...

Aww Jeanne, that is SO MUCH nicer than reading to him over the internet. I'm glad you do have that though to keep in contact.