The Champs!

We just finished the Sunday school theme "the two ways". I felt it went very well. God really helped us. I told the kids at the beginning whoever won the most points was going to win a new backpack, new notebooks and things to use for school. Most of the kids come from poorer families who struggle to buy all the things the children need for school. So when the kids heard what the prize was going to be, they were so excited.
It was a race to the finish but in the end we had a tie between Bryan and Eduardo. They both really worked hard bringing in new visitors and memorizing verses. They we thrilled to get their new backpacks. Way to go guys!!


How wxciting to see that the children are so interested. Eduardo had the most points last time too, didnt he? That boy has a lot of potential,as well as the others. Tell the children I said hello.

Dorcas said...

I'm sure those boys who won were so excited. They've probably never had anything like the prizes they got!!