Saturday Recap

Joseph eating a mango before the baptism.

Saturday afternoon was a special day. We all made a 1 and 1/2 hour trip to a beautiful river for a baptismal. It was super special for us because this was our very first person to be baptized into the church we are starting. Bro. Baudilio got saved in January and together we have been studying the Bible. Saturday was a big moment in his life too. We sang some choruses and Baudilio gave his testimony and quoted one of the verses he has memorized. He can't read so he is memorizing God's word. I believe his baptism helped to even strengthen him more in the faith.

Saturday night, there were actually a few less people then we had Friday night. Nevertheless God really helped us. We had the speakers cranked for all of Tiloarque to hear! Though not many were in the seats lots of people would stop on the street and listen. My heart was touched when I saw our next door neighbor Betty, stop and listen to the message. She told us she really appreciated the sermons. That meant so much!Roger preached a tremendous message on the story of Nicodemus and how we must be born again. He did a great job!

This campaign was a learning experience for all of us. No we didn't have big numbers, but God did some tremendous work. I feel that we have much more confidence with our community. They saw and heard our services, they realize this isn't just a show we are putting on, we are serious about souls. Because of this campaign we have some brand new contacts!! People who I never met before came to the services! There were just so many good things that happened.

Another encouraging thing that took place was that several people in our community gave to support this campaign. Some of these people I don't even know, they were complete strangers. They gave offerings to help cover the cost. That said something to me!! I feel like this campaign helped to put us on the map so to speak. We might not have seen souls saved liked we wished would have happened, but for me, this campaign was mission accomplished! I think we will see more results in the long run, it helped to lay a foundation. Only God knows what all was accomplished this past weekend.


Anonymous said...

Excelent report Eric, I've been looking forward to hearing how the revival went. We all like big numbers but getting the door open and your foot in is so important. There are souls ready for the harvest there! Thanks so much for your faithful efforts!

Anonymous said...

raise God from whom all blessings flow!!!! Wow! I can hardly write. I am so blessed by the report. To see Baudillo?? being baptized was enough for me to see. We have so much to praise The Lord for. Keep up the faithful work. The best is yet to come.:)

Momma j/t

lizzie said...

Wow! that is so Awesome!! I know the Lord really helped you guys!! That is awesome about that guy who got babtized!! Anyhow, keep up the good work! I am so proud of you guys and the work you are doing! I love you so much!!