Part II

Before heading home, we stopped at Baudilio's cousin's house. He is in his eighties and doesn't have long to live. They wanted me to talk with him and help him to be sure he was ready to die. I told him about Jesus and how he died on a cross and rose again. Then he prayed after me, asking Jesus to forgive him of all his sins. I'm so thankful I had that opportunity to talk with him. He could die at any minute. Thank God for His mercy.

While there, they gave me a green mango to try and showed me around the humble little house tucked on the side of a mountain. It was a beautiful place. In the video the lady is peeling the mango getting it ready to eat.


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Anonymous said...

wow. we never know whom God will give us the opportunity to meet next. We must be ready in season and out of season to give our testimony. We are praying.

Love mom

Beth Stetler said...

Gotta love those mangoes!