A New Dryer!!

We now have a dryer. Dad installed the 220 hook-up we needed and the dryer is up and running. No more hanging clothes and no more stiff starchy clothes!! What a blessing.


Unknown said...

Oh Praise the Lord! God is so good. I know how bad you needed a dryer. I remember hanging clothes out for years in Jordan, and no matter what you do they just dont come out as soft and fluffy as a dryer. Eric will love nice soft t-shirts.Oh and dont forget Hannah,not as much ironing.Just small things that we take for granted here, is a BIG Blessing for others. Than you Lord, for sending blessings our way.

Dorcas said...

Hannah won't know how to act with this modern convenience! So happy for you!!!!! And like her Mother said, we really do take a lot of things for granted!