Valley of Angels

The "Valley of Angels" is so beautiful. It is a quaint little village that still retains its colonial roots. It's full of little shops where you can buy souvenirs or watch them being made. Nestled among the pine tree covered mountains, it is a great place to get-away.

This man is carving a scene on a door. They look awesome when they are finished.


I loved this place. I think it was one of my favorites.I guess Bro. Joe really liked the wood carvings.I don't know he works so fast, I bet he could do your door before he went home.:) Or maybe your attendence board. no I am sure they have done enough it looks like. What a blessing to have them there.

Dorcas said...

Who is the guy hugging the pole?? :o)) At least he's not a "tree hugger"!