Pray for Honduras

We are very concerned with the situation in Honduras. The president was overthrown in an early Sunday morning coup. The political situation is very unstable especially in Tegucigalpa. There are protesters in the streets burning tires, soldiers and tanks are trying to keep order and a forty-eight hour curfew has been set. I did contact Glenn and Helen Reiff who are filling in for us while we are on deputation. They and our church people are doing fine but as you can imagine things are very tense. We would appreciate prayer for their safety and peace for the country. If you would like to know more about this situation go here .


A wonderful little boy and a wonderful great-grandma!



The Lewisburg Parade

Before heading back to Ohio we got to see the Lewisburg parade. As usual, it turned out to be very nice. There were lots of dignitaries, marching bands and even Abe Lincoln. It lasted for two hours topped off with a B-52 bomber flying over head.


An Early B-day Party

Last week nana Kuhns threw an early birthday party for Joseph since we won't be there for his birthday. He will be turning three years old! Clara the clown came to visit during the party with lots of games to play for all the kids. Joseph loooved Clara. He thought she was so cool. Then sponge bob got a beating as the kids tried to fill their bags with candy after they broke the pinata. We ended the party with a bang lighting up the night with sparklers and firecrackers. Needless to say our when everything was said and done our little birthday boy was ready to hit the sack. What fun!


Hindu Temple

As part of our SIMO training we visited one of the largest Hindu temples outside of India. These Hindus worship the reincarnation of Krishna and it is here that they tend to his every need. Around many of the windows of the temple are special ornate hand-carved pillars that take weeks to make. As you enter the temple women turn to the left and men turn to the right to special shoe rooms where the worshipers take off their shoes and store them in shelves. On the second floor is the main worship area and also the house of the idol. It is here that devotees gather six times a day for services. This particular sect of Hinduism worships only Krishna whom they believe is the god of all gods. He has been reincarnated in the form of a 11 year old boy. Each day his followers meet to waken him, feed him lunch, welcome him home from the fields and give him supper. They believe that Krishna's spirit comes and inhabits this special idol and helps his followers in sixteen different ways.
As I talked with some of the men who oversee the activities of the temple one man in particular wanted to show me the evidence of the power of Krishna. He brought a carefully wrapped mango that was once set before the idol as an offering. He pointed to a small line that ran around the top of the mango in such a way that he says shows the face of Krishna. He said these lines were not on the mango but after offering it to their god, he later noticed this strange design. He now adamantly believes that Krishna supernaturally marked this mango and because of that, he believes Krishna is with him and sees him. Later this same man showed us a coconut and a small leaf with similar markings. His faith was built upon these three things, because of a mango, coconut and leaf, he believed in the power of Krishna. I really began to think about what we base our faith upon. Why did I believe in Jesus Christ? Was it because of markings on a mango or because of the mark of God's love and forgiveness in my life? Obviously because of a changed life. This poor man only had a mango, coconut and leaf.
It was a very interesting trip. I gained a much better understanding of some of the beliefs of Hinduism and came away with a greater appreciation for the practicality and power of Christianity.


Hindu Worshipers

This gives you a little idea of what these Hindu services are like. Everyone sits on the floor as musicians play for the deity. Many of the worshipers fell prostrate on the floor before their god, even small children. Needless to say it was a very strange service.


SIMO Classes

All this week Hannah and I have been taking SIMO(Summer Institute of Missionary Orientation) classes. It's a two week program that deals with issues that missionaries face on the field and how to better handle those situations. We discuss culture shock, cultural communication, anthropology, animism, and much more. It is very enriching and enlightening. It helps missionaries get a better grasp on some tough issues.


Kennedy Reunion

Two weeks ago we got together with Hannah's family in Ohio for a big reunion. As usual, it was a lot of fun. There was lots of food to eat and lots of games to play. We even got to do some swimming. Joseph loves the pool, he got up enough nerve to let me hold him while he kicked with his arms and legs trying to learn to swim. He did a really good job I was proud of him. I think Joseph's favorite activities were the pool and the four wheeler, between those two things, he was a happy camper!


Deputation Update

We are nearing the half way point in our deputation. Thus far it has been very good. We've traveled lots of miles and held lots of services but it's been a lot of fun and God has helped us not just to update people about our ministry but also minister to people in our services. It's also been good to catch up with some long lost friends such as Dennis and Dorcas McCoy. They are great people and we really enjoyed our time with them. Thanks Dennis and Dorcas!!


Rewinding Life

Sorry we left you hanging for so long, but we have been super busy. I'll try to get you caught up. Starting back in May Joseph made a trip to the Cincinnati zoo with mimi, grammy and the whole gang. He had so much fun. He even got to pet a snake!

On our way back to Pa we got to see uncle Tim and stop by his house for awhile.

Memorial day weekend we had a Kuhns get-together. It was a beautiful day. We ate alot and played lots of volleyball.

We passed a pretty cool sign as we traveled. I didn't know there was a town named after us.

While visiting Mahaffey, Pa we stopped by McGee's covered bridge. The only covered bridge that still spans any branch of the Susquahanna River. It dates back to the 1800's.

We were privileged to travel to Florida where I spoke at the TLC boot camp. We had a lay over in Newark and I was able to get this picture of the New York City skyline.

We rode a coach from Hobe Sound out to "The Land" where boot camp was held. There were so many love bugs that we could barely see out the window by the time we arrived.

It was a very exciting week. 8 teams headed to various places around the world for short term ministry. Those countries are Alaska, New York City, Amazon, Lesotho, Haiti North, Haiti South, Spain, Guatemala.

Each morning starting at 6:30 the teams competed at the obstacle course. They run through a series of obstacles such as team skis, jump rope, the wall, swinging over water, putting the books of the Bible in order, and monkey bars. Each team is timed, so speed is of the essence. It is a lot of fun.

Joseph had fun with Gwin Hobbs. She came on a TLC team to Nicaragua the earlier part of this year. She has become a dear friend.

Corey Becker working on their team flag.

Teaching an afternoon class on personal evangelism.