Rewinding Life

Sorry we left you hanging for so long, but we have been super busy. I'll try to get you caught up. Starting back in May Joseph made a trip to the Cincinnati zoo with mimi, grammy and the whole gang. He had so much fun. He even got to pet a snake!

On our way back to Pa we got to see uncle Tim and stop by his house for awhile.

Memorial day weekend we had a Kuhns get-together. It was a beautiful day. We ate alot and played lots of volleyball.

We passed a pretty cool sign as we traveled. I didn't know there was a town named after us.

While visiting Mahaffey, Pa we stopped by McGee's covered bridge. The only covered bridge that still spans any branch of the Susquahanna River. It dates back to the 1800's.

We were privileged to travel to Florida where I spoke at the TLC boot camp. We had a lay over in Newark and I was able to get this picture of the New York City skyline.

We rode a coach from Hobe Sound out to "The Land" where boot camp was held. There were so many love bugs that we could barely see out the window by the time we arrived.

It was a very exciting week. 8 teams headed to various places around the world for short term ministry. Those countries are Alaska, New York City, Amazon, Lesotho, Haiti North, Haiti South, Spain, Guatemala.

Each morning starting at 6:30 the teams competed at the obstacle course. They run through a series of obstacles such as team skis, jump rope, the wall, swinging over water, putting the books of the Bible in order, and monkey bars. Each team is timed, so speed is of the essence. It is a lot of fun.

Joseph had fun with Gwin Hobbs. She came on a TLC team to Nicaragua the earlier part of this year. She has become a dear friend.

Corey Becker working on their team flag.

Teaching an afternoon class on personal evangelism.


Eileen said...

I enjoyed your blog. I especially love the picture of Joseph in front of the covered bridge. Enjoy your time hear God Bless you and your Ministry. Thanks for sharing.