Our First Sunday School Class

This past Sunday was a big day for us. We had our first Sunday School class. How exciting!! Our friends Carlos and his wife volunteered to come and help us with kids songs since we don´t know them yet. So we transformed our living room into a little class. We hauled in some blocks and boards to make benches. Hannah was ready with brownies, Joseph with a bunch of smiles and I had a story. We had ten children!! I told the story of Lazarus rising from the dead. I butchered their Spanish but God helped and they got the message. At the end I told the children that the Bible says if we have sin in our hearts we are dead just like Lazarus. But Jesus could forgive our sins and give us life. Just about every one of them prayed and invited Jesus into their hearts.

Next Sunday they are suppossed to bring their friends so I´m sure our little congregation is going to grow. Please pray for us and the children that God would reach their hearts and eventually their parents and families.


Hannah´s Ministry

Hannah has been cooking up a new ministry. Apparently very few people here know how to cook and they are shocked that Hannah knows how.

From birthday parties, to Sunday school children, to the men working on the water tank, to the neighbors that live above us, she is winning Honduras through her cooking. The people love it!! One lady even asked her to bake a cake for one of her professors.

She has found her little niche and she loves it!!


Sights Along the Way

Here is something we saw during our bus ride the other day. Lying in the midst of the crowd was a man who was hit by a car. He looked like he was still alive. We see a lot of accidents here. Sometimes they can be hilarious, this time it wasn´t so funny. This kind of thing happens frequently due to careless and wreckless driving.


For all the family, friends & fans


Miracles Do Happen!

Our boxes have arrived!! It is like Christmas in October. Let me tell you about our Christmas miracle.

I had heard several horror stories about customs and bringing things into the country. Some missionaries had worked days trying to get their things through. Others had to pay outrageous taxes to get their stuff. So I was just waiting for the day when I too, along with so many others would have my horror story to tell.

I did have a little hassle getting certain documents that I needed but all in all it would work for the best. My friend Carlos agreed to go with me and together we were going to figure this process out, this was new for him too. Well, we finally found the office where we needed to start and things seemed already like a horror story developing. My list of contents for the boxes were in english they wanted a list in spanish. So together we stood there all trying to translate this list as another guy typed on an old typewriter the new list in spanish. Well another gentleman in the office came to our rescue. After discovering that I was a missionary he mentioned that he too was a Christian and from that point on, he took our job by the horns. When we finished the list he told us exactly what documents I needed to have and he was going to get us through!!! Sure enough he did!!

He marched us to the Customs Administrator. He told us to wait while he went in and discussed our situation. My boxes had been sitting in the warehouse for about 5 days there is a fee of 25 to 50 dollars a day that the boxes sit there. I was expecting to pay at least a hundred dollars just in fees. Finally he came out of the office, ok follow me he said. In no time he had me in the warehouse with my boxes sitting in front of me. I couldn´t believe this!! This guy was amazing!

The next big hurdle was to have the agent´s ok to take the boxes. I don´t know her name but she sat glaring behind a desk with a book called the Laws of Customs in her hand. We began in a rather pleaful, begging way to explain that we were missionaries, these were our boxes of personal effects and oh yes, we had a little boy about four months old. At first I wasn´t sure if things were working. She was one hard cookie. We had to open some of our boxes show proof that this was just personal things. I just kinda watched as this guy took up my cause. Finally he got her to the point where she signed the papers and had stamped all the papers but one. Before she stamped the last paper she got side tracked with someone else. While she talked the guy picked up her stamp and stamped the last paper and we were through!! Hahaha I just had to laugh. This guy was good!!

Next I had to pay to get my belongings. My total came to about 40 dollars!!! 40 measly bucks! Hallelujah!! I couldn´t believe it! 40 bucks to get 52 boxes into the country. In a matter of about 4 and a half hours we had gone through the entire process and had the boxes sitting in front of our door!! God is so good!! With paying the customs, paying the guy who got me through, the truck to bring our stuff, and Carlos for all his help our total cost was only like $200. What an answer to prayer!! No horrors stories this time!! Miracles do happen.


The Big Birthday Party

The other day Byron was at our house and he told us that he had just had a birthday, he turned twelve years old! I asked him what they did for his birthday. Nothing. Nobody had said happy birthday and there was no party. He got tears in his eyes. Nobody had remembered his birthday. We felt bad for him. I asked him if he ever had a birthday party. No. He had never had a birthday party. Well it was about time he had one so we made plans to have it Monday night. He was so excited!!

So yesterday we got everything ready. Hannah baked a delicious strawberry cake, we got chips and drink and for his gift we bought him a soccer ball.

Byron invited all his brothers and sisters and cousins ( They all live in the same house! ) Until they all showed up there ended up being about 7 or 8 kids. What a time they had!!
We taught them how to play Bible baseball. I was suprised at how much they knew about the Bible. Later, one of the girls said they would like to come to our house on Sunday and have a Sunday School class. So it looks like this coming Sunday we will have our first class. Just this family alone is big enough to start our church!!!

Well we really had a blast. Byron was so excited to get his soccer ball. He will never forget his first birthday party and we won´t either. It will forever be a birthday to remember.


Our Friends

Last week we got together with our friends for some fellowship. This is Carlos and his family along with a friend he introduced to us named Larry. They all have been such an incredible help to us. God knew we would need them. I don´t know what we would have done without them. They have helped us get our boxes, helped us with our Spanish, and have just been great friends.

Larry is a Messianic Jew he has lived here in Honduras for 16 years. He currently is teaching english classes and plans to start a church. He has given us help in finding a doctor and a dentist. He is just a super nice guy.


God Is Helping

This past Saturday was a busy day. A carpenter came to install new kitchen doors and some droors beneath the sink. It looks really nice and it gives Hannah some extra storage space. While the carpenter was there, Cristian´s mother, her niece and Cristian´s brother all came to visit. They are very nice. God is really helping us meet friends. It seems almost everyday we meet someone new.

In the evening our friend Carlos came with his family to pay us a visit. They are such dear friends. They asked us about what we believe and I explained how we believe in salvation and sanctification. They are Pentecostals. So the conversation eventually came around to speaking in tongues. We had a long discussion and I´m sure there will be more. Pray for us as we face these issues that God will give us wisdom.

Our boxes have arrived. We plan to pick them up tomorrow ( Thursday ). It´s going to be like Christmas. We have been anxiously awaiting for this big day to come. Pray that we can get them through customs without having to pay a high tax.

Thanks for tuning in every now and then. We enjoy your comments. If you would like to e-mail us write to us at kuhns@inbox.com Thank you for your love and prayers we deeply appreciate it.


Jordanian Consulate

I know that you have been waiting to find out what this is all about. Well all of you figured it out. However there is a story behind this.

When we were here in the Spring we passed this building every day. On the other side of the wall was all kinds of security cameras, and sometimes a guard was posted at the door. As you can see the high wall is all around it. We wondered what this place looked like on the inside. We wondered if an Arab lived there since the Arabs are the rich people here.

About a week ago we wanted to check in with the school and talk to them about starting classes again. So we took the bus and walked the same route we took every morning. However this time when we walked by this building I saw a sign. It registered all at the same time. The writing the symbol and the wording. I was like ¨Eric, that´s Arabic!! It´s the Jordanian Consulate¨. I couldn´t believe it.
I didn´t have my Jordanian passport and haven´t been able to go back yet. But I know that something great is going to come out of this. I am so excited. I believe that God has a great plan. Please pray that things go well when we visit.


Exciting Mystery

Can anyone guess what this sign is all about? We pass this place on our way to school. It is an answer to prayer. Be watching for more details. It is big news.


New Contacts

Exciting things have been happening here in Honduras. God has been helping us make new contacts in our community. We frequently take walks hoping to meet people and also make our faces familiar. We are starting to see some fruit from these efforts. This past Sunday we took such a walk. It was a few days later while I was sitting in an internet cafe that a little boy came and tapped me on the shoulder. This little boy had seen us walking on Sunday and had recognized me. I learned his name was Cristian and he was seven years old. I invited him to our house. From that point on he was our friend.

He has come to our house twice now. Just last night he paid us a visit and I thought I would take the opportunity to give him a little gospel message. I had my Spanish New Testament and I had just marked some scriptures to use in witnessing and I wanted to try them on him. After I finished I asked him if he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart and he said yes. So right there in our living room he repeated a prayer after me inviting Christ into his heart. Only God knows what is in store for this little boy.

Cristian longs to be loved. He lives in a house with five siblings and six cousins. It´s quite a sight! He doesn´t know who or where his dad is, and doesn´t care much for his stepfather. Last night while he was at our house he noticed we had two beds. He said to me ¨you have two beds. You, your wife and the baby can sleep in one bed and I can sleep in the other. I want you to be my daddy ¨

He introduced us to his mother and she is coming tomorrow to visit us. We are excited about this opportunity. Pray that God would speak to this family and that He would helps us win them to the Lord.


Hey Everybody

I just wanted to check in and say that I am doing fine. I love Honduras. It is so much fun. I like to go on walks with daddy and explore the community and we have made lots of new friends. I miss everyone. I wish you could come and see me.

I am starting to grab my toys and touch mommy´s face. Mommy reads books to me, they are really interesting. I am growing really fast. I love you all.


A Little Kangaroo

We do a lot of walking. Having a baby makes this whole process a little different. We soon found out trying to use a stroller on these sidewalks was a real hoot; not to mention trying to cross the highway. So we tried the pouch. It was like a golden moment. Joseph and the pouch was a perfect match. He loves it!

Everywhere we go people will stop and say how cute Joseph is, which gives us opportunities to make friends. He is just like a little joey kangaroo. He is always ready to travel.


Before we left...

Joseph´s first time to ever be in church was the day he was dedicated. However many of Hannah´s family were unable to come to that first dedication so we planned to have another one in Ohio before we left. It was a wonderful service. We felt God´s presence in a special way. After the service the family stayed for a Jordanian meal and some cake. It was so much fun!


Saying Good-bye Once Again...


Panama City Tour

We had a fifteen hour lay over in Panama City on our way to Honduras. We wanted to at least see the Canal since we were so close. I asked the man who came to pick us up at the airport if there was any way we could see the canal. Our flight was too early in the morning to see it the next day the only way would be to go that night. He was willing to give us a three hour tour of the city including the canal if we went that night. It was so beautiful. Even though it was dark, it was one of the prettiest places I have seen.

We passed the old military based that was once controlled by the U.S., there was the French military where men were buried who died during the construction due to malaria. It was fascinating. The canal is 92 years old. It operates by locks and it takes most boats about 10 hours to cross the canal. We got to see some crossing.

The picture of Joseph next to the lamp post was along a walk way overlooking the Pacific Ocean, it was so peaceful. We really enjoyed our short stay



The front of our motel in Panama City. It was a very nice place. The city was absolutely beautiful I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to travel. It´s a great spot.


San Jose, Costa Rica

Joseph did really good on the plane rides. Here he is looking out the window in San Jose, Costa Rica.


We are home

After 34 hours of travel, 6 airports, 5 flights, 3 states, 3 countries, and an almost missed flight we are finally home! Yes a trip to Honduras should only take 6 hours, but being the financial genius that I am it took a lot longer.

See I wanted to save us some money, so I decided to get a flight to Miami from Cincinnati and then get a separate ticket from Miami to Honduras. The only thing we needed to do was to get our bags in Miami and re-check them. Seems simple enough. Yeah right.

The first part of the plan worked fine. However when we went to check our bags at Copa Air they wanted to know why we only had a one way ticket. So we went through all this questioning. We explained that we were missionaries and that in Honduras we just need to go to the police station every 3 months to renew our visa. Problem number 2 solved. When she went to print out our tickets she relized that there were only 2 . She explained that when people buy tickets on-line the computer fails to issue an infant ticket. So we had to buy Joseph his first ticket. Thank the Lord that we had Some US cash on us. Problem number 3 solved.

We knew that we had a lay over in Panama for 15 hours and we got a room for $16. What a deal. I was so worried that it was going to be a rat hole, but it was very nice and even had air-conditioning. We were able to go and see the Panama Canal it was really pretty. All this and we were still saving money it was great.

At 10 A.M. we flew out of Panama to San Jose, Costa Rica. Our boarding pass said that we would leave from gate 4. So we waited for them to call us. I took Joseph to change him and before I was finished I heard Eric outside calling for me. He said that they were waiting for us at gate 3. The ticketing lady was looking for someone with a stroller. And she found Eric at gate 4. Thank the Lord we made it.

The rest of the trip went great. We got to Tegucigalpa, found our bags, caught a taxi and went home. When we got here I noticed that there were men tearing down the outside wall to our garage, ( They our constructing a tower for a water tank, which will be nice). Dust was every where. The house was musty from being locked up, and we didn´t know if we would have water that eveing, but I was so Happy to be HOME.

By the time it was all said and done I saved $ 150. Was it worth the hassel?? Well lets just say that you can never put a price on adventure. What would you have done??

-- Posted by Hannah


Travelling Buddy

Hey everybody look at me. I´m flying! I love to travel. So far I have been to 7 states (OH, PA, MD, KY, WV, NY, IN), 3 countries (US, Panama, Honduras) 6 airports (Cincinnati, Chicago, Miami, panama, San Jose, and Tegucigalpa) and 5 airplane rides. And I´m only 3 months old.

Mommy and Daddy say that I´m a good traveller. As you can see I sat in my big chair and smiled most of the time.