Jordanian Consulate

I know that you have been waiting to find out what this is all about. Well all of you figured it out. However there is a story behind this.

When we were here in the Spring we passed this building every day. On the other side of the wall was all kinds of security cameras, and sometimes a guard was posted at the door. As you can see the high wall is all around it. We wondered what this place looked like on the inside. We wondered if an Arab lived there since the Arabs are the rich people here.

About a week ago we wanted to check in with the school and talk to them about starting classes again. So we took the bus and walked the same route we took every morning. However this time when we walked by this building I saw a sign. It registered all at the same time. The writing the symbol and the wording. I was like ¨Eric, that´s Arabic!! It´s the Jordanian Consulate¨. I couldn´t believe it.
I didn´t have my Jordanian passport and haven´t been able to go back yet. But I know that something great is going to come out of this. I am so excited. I believe that God has a great plan. Please pray that things go well when we visit.


Momma J/T said...

I know, Hannah, It is just another one of God's plans unfolding. I can't wait to see what it is either.