Joseph is Home!

Here are some pics from Joseph's hospital stay. He did come home today, he still has several days of recovery but he is doing much better. Continue to pray for him.


Update on Joseph

We would like to say thank you to many of you who have prayed for Joseph. He was hospitalized this past Thursday with a respiratory virus. In most healthy adults this virus would look like a common chest cold. However, in children it can be more serious. They often get it before the age of two. Joseph had a high fever, was breathing very fast and heavy, he also had a lot of congestion as well as vomiting and diarrhea. Along with these symptoms he has an ear infection. Many of you prayed and the doctor said today it looks like he will be discharged tomorrow. He has shown great improvement. Two days ago he was very weak and sluggish. Today he is gaining his energy and appetite. God is definitely helping this little boy. Thank you for your prayers and concern!


Joseph's Birthday!

We decided to throw a special one year birthday party for Joseph since we won't be here in the states for his actual birthday. He loved it! He enjoyed digging in and eating his ice cream cake. Most of the time he was chasing a big red balloon around the floor. It was a great time.


It's Joseph!!!

Hannah's family were thrilled to finally get their hands on little Joseph. This was a long anticipated moment. He quickly warmed up to each of them just like they had always been together. It was a very special time.


Inter-Church Holiness Convention

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at IHC this year in Dayton, Ohio. We were able to see old friends and acquaintances and catch up on news and events. The services were beautiful with God's presence coming and ministering to our hearts. We always enjoy our time. It has definitely been a high light of our visit home.


An early birthday celebration


Joseph helps his pap replace a window. He is pap's little helper.


First Day of Trout

As young boys growing up there was a gentlman in our church by the name of James Richard who took an interest in several of us young guys. So, every year he would take us fishing on the first day of trout. He taught us how to tie fishing knots, where the best spots are to fish and how to cast. It was something we always looked forward to. And always throughout the weekend together he would talk to us about God. We loved it.
Well, it so happend that our visit fell over the time of trout season, so once again our gang of guys got together. We had a great time. Between all of us we caught about twelve fish. The day was beautiful and the stream was placid. I really had a good time.


A Splashin' Good Time

At the end of the day, we were fishing out of an old swimming hole. It was probably about six feet deep. My friend Doug was wondering just how deep this hole was he then asked, " how much would you give me to jump in?" Twenty dollars was mentioned as the going price and upon hearing that Kevin Forney said, " Oh I would do it for that!" Wanting to see such a stunt performed Doug and several others began to pressure him to do it. So, after the count of three Kevin swung out over the hole and dropped into the 40 degree water. Nearly taking his breath away from the cold he began to swim for shore with all his might. Meanwhile the rest of the gang was roaring with laughter. Kevin's legs began to turn blue from the cold. He quickly changed and got dry. He got his twenty dollars!


Spanish Class

Friday we enjoyed being part of the Spanish class at Penn View Christian Academy. Tim Calhoun is doing a fine job as teacher and we enjoyed sharing a little bit of our experience in Honduras.


Joseph opening his Easter basket on Sunday morning.


Great Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend. It was nice to relax with family and catch up on the news. The weekend with the Hoch side of the family and Sunday dinner with the Kuhns'.


It's Good to be Home


First Hair Cut

Joseph did so good today while his nana gave him his first hair cut. He didn't even cry.His pappy kept him entertained. He looks so much older! Way to go Joseph!


Having fun visiting with Doug and Sarah Rine!