Update on Joseph

We would like to say thank you to many of you who have prayed for Joseph. He was hospitalized this past Thursday with a respiratory virus. In most healthy adults this virus would look like a common chest cold. However, in children it can be more serious. They often get it before the age of two. Joseph had a high fever, was breathing very fast and heavy, he also had a lot of congestion as well as vomiting and diarrhea. Along with these symptoms he has an ear infection. Many of you prayed and the doctor said today it looks like he will be discharged tomorrow. He has shown great improvement. Two days ago he was very weak and sluggish. Today he is gaining his energy and appetite. God is definitely helping this little boy. Thank you for your prayers and concern!


Sally said...

Just wanted to let you know that the orphans, teens and I are praying for Joseph. May God continue to touch him and may God help all of you during this difficult time. God has a plan and purpose for everything. Keep encouraged! God is in control!

Love you guys,

We are in revival here at Lewistown and requested prayer last evening for little Joseph. Thank you for the update, we will tell the people this evening!

AIM said...

Thank you all for your prayers. God is helping. Please continue to pray for his recovery.