Seminars and Pig Farms

We had an incredible week last week hosting David Evans and his son Zak. David and I go way back, we have known each other since childhood. They came to see the work, help out where they could, give us some ideas and direction for our pig farm project as well as hold a Nothing But the Word Seminar. 
The first few days were spent catching up on each others lives and ministering in Las Uvas and Tiloarque during the mid-week services. To break them in to the culture we took a trip to the market to enjoy all the sights, sounds and "delicious" smells.
While at the market these men serenaded us with some traditional music.
Enjoying central park and the national Cathedral.
The famous El Picachu statue of Christ overlooking Tegucigalpa.
Thursday evening and Friday were spent in Las Delicias getting to know the precious people there and talking about the pig farm that we would like to start as a source of income for our pastors. David gave us some great insight on farming techniques and some ways that we can keep our costs down.
Saturday evening we kicked off the seminar. God really blessed David's teaching. He gave us a fresh perspective on Biblical truths through the lens of Jewish culture. Very interesting and challenging!
Sunday the church was packed. We also had some first time visitors in the service. David spoke for a morning session we took a break for lunch and then came back for two sessions back to back. The people thoroughly enjoyed it and several mentioned how they could sense God's presence.

Hannah cooked a scrumptious chicken alfredo lunch.
Thank you to all who prayed for the seminar and a big thank you to David and Zak. They were truly a blessing and an inspiration.


New Converts Baptized!

Sunday was a baptismal service at Las Uvas. I love baptismals, it is thrilling to see new believers minding God. It required a nice little hike to get to the spot where we were going to baptize. The guys had cut a path the day before but there was plenty of rock climbing, skipping and rock tripping. haha. We made it in and out alive though, that's what counts. Here are the three candidates. On the left is Carmen, then Juan and on the right is Paola.
Singing choruses together.
Giving the challenge. Baptism is taken very seriously in Honduras, to them it is basically a contract with God and to fail that is very embarrassing and heavily criticized. I think we need to get back to some of the seriousness of this decision that we seemed to have lost over the years.
Before getting baptized the candidates each gave a testimony. Juan gave a stirring testimony almost sermon and was so grateful for how God has spared his life and saved his soul. He challenged everyone to not be afraid to serve God. He is good and faithful and will help them through every struggle they may face.
Paola was the first one in, her dad helped me to do the baptisms. 
I love their expressions!
Next was Carmen. Pray for her. Her husband is not a Christian and he has caused some difficulties for her but she is determined to mind God.
God has great things for Juan. I am excited to see what God is going to do with him.


Anniversary Revival in Las Delicias

I have a lot of catching up to do, so many things going on it's hard to keep it all straight. Back in October the Las Delicias church celebrated their anniversary as a church. It's been two years already that Roberto and his family have been pastoring there. God has definitely blessed this work. We have seen major changes in many people. They celebrated with a weekend of special services and invited some area churches to join them for the services. It was exciting
We called pastor Julio from Nicaragua to come and preach and to minister in song with Nemecio. These two guys are an awesome team. The people didn't want them to stop singing! Here they are getting tuned and ready for the service. Nemecio is an incredible singer, songwriter and guitar player.
They almost lifted the roof off with their singing. I love to listen to them sing.
Check out Nemecio's left-handed playing. The strings are not reversed either.
Julio preached some excellent sermons. The first night a young man prayed to be saved.
You have to come and try the food at Las Delicias. You can't find refried beans, or tortillas as good as they make them in Las Delicias. Mmmmmm soo good.
I love this picture of Jose. Here is the man who prayed for seventeen years to have a church in his village, a reminder to never give up praying. He was thrilled to be celebrating the church's second anniversary, to have his son as the pastor and he was also celebrating his own anniversary. The wrinkles in his face speak of a hard life, a man of the earth who loves to farm and work hard.
On Saturday afternoon I had some free time to wander around and take some pictures. I thought I would share a few of my favorites. Here is the old dirt road that runs through the village. I think it shows the rugged and rustic life of the people that live here.
The old hand pump that symbolizes the quaint and simple life of Las Delicias.
A farming community.
I found the design of this tree intriguing, almost like a monster with extended arms.
It's always interesting to stop and watch the ants. 
On Sunday our people from Las Uvas and Tiloarque arrived to be part of the revival. 

Happy Anniversary to Jose and Moncha. haha
Great pastoral family. Hard workers, prayer warriors, and faithful servants. About five years ago their lives were on the rocks, today they are standing on the the Rock of Ages
At the end of the service on Sunday we took group photos of each of the churches that was represented. Here is the Las Delicias group.
Here was the Las Uvas representation.
Last but not least was the Tiloarque representatives.
Thank God for a wonderful revival. A bright future lies ahead.