New Converts Baptized!

Sunday was a baptismal service at Las Uvas. I love baptismals, it is thrilling to see new believers minding God. It required a nice little hike to get to the spot where we were going to baptize. The guys had cut a path the day before but there was plenty of rock climbing, skipping and rock tripping. haha. We made it in and out alive though, that's what counts. Here are the three candidates. On the left is Carmen, then Juan and on the right is Paola.
Singing choruses together.
Giving the challenge. Baptism is taken very seriously in Honduras, to them it is basically a contract with God and to fail that is very embarrassing and heavily criticized. I think we need to get back to some of the seriousness of this decision that we seemed to have lost over the years.
Before getting baptized the candidates each gave a testimony. Juan gave a stirring testimony almost sermon and was so grateful for how God has spared his life and saved his soul. He challenged everyone to not be afraid to serve God. He is good and faithful and will help them through every struggle they may face.
Paola was the first one in, her dad helped me to do the baptisms. 
I love their expressions!
Next was Carmen. Pray for her. Her husband is not a Christian and he has caused some difficulties for her but she is determined to mind God.
God has great things for Juan. I am excited to see what God is going to do with him.


Lizzie Brown said...

So awesome! would have loved to witness this in person!

Danae Fisher said...

I enjoyed looking at the pictures on your blog. It helps one see what it like there. It is exiting to read what God is doing.