Additional Services

These are services that have been added since I posted the last list.

May 29 Blue Knob, PA Pastor Jonas Hight 814-329-6326
May 30 Mahaffey, PA Pastor Van Dorman 814-277-6034
July 9 Maryville, TN Pastor Wayne Friday 865-379-2560
July 14 Randelman, NC Pastor Mike Stumbo 336-460-1758
July 26 A.M. Pleasant Valley, PA Pastor Brandon Byler
August 5 (Reschedule) Gratz, PA Youth Pastor Mark Ocala 717-798-6923
August 9 Mifflinburg, PA Pastor Wayne Crell 570-966-1771
August 9 Penns Creek, PA Pastor Alan Walter 570-765-0232
August 16 York, PA Pastor Randy Brown 717-968-5304


Long Lost Cousins!

Yesterday I got to see some of my long lost cousins. We had a service in the morning with Aaron's church. It was so good to catch up with them again, the kids are growing so fast. Joseph really hit it off with them, playing, feeding the sheep, and jumping on the trampoline. Charles and Kim and their children also came to the service to see us. What a nice surprise when they walked in, it had been so long since we saw them.

At the evening service we caught up with Dorcas and her husband Jorge. She and I both studied hispanic studies at Penn View, it was great to talk with them.

Here are the two Josephs. Brother Joe Smith pastors at Shelbyville, Indiana. He and Joseph were both born on June 30th! How cool is that?


Our little drummer boy. This little guy has rhythm!



Last weekend I had the privilege to fly to Miami and meet up with Joe Taylor. He is head of World Gospel Publishing, a ministry of Hope International Missions. We met together to attend Expolite 09, a Hispanic Christian book fair. It was a blast. I had never been to anything like this before. There was a large exhibit floor where publishing companies, singers, and media outlets displayed their goods.

There were several Christian TV stations there advertising their services and also covering the exhibition.

I got to meet Danny Berrios a famous singer among the Hispanics. He along with Lizzie Lizzie, Marcos Witt and others were featured in several concerts during the weekend.

Brother Taylor and I were privileged to talk with Jorge Diaz, director of a publishing company called Mundo Hispano. He has also authored a couple of books that he was so kind to sign for me. Jorge is considering working with Brother Taylor on some of his books such as "Jesus My Very Best Friend" and "Is God Really my Father?".

We had a few hours free so we strolled down to Miami beach and walked around some of the shops at Lincoln mall.

We stopped for lunch at a Salvadorian restaurant in the middle of little Havana.

Heading back to Cincinnati. It was a great weekend!


Getting Caught Up

Mother's Day was very nice. Scott and Sarah invited us all over after church for Sunday dinner along with grandpa and grandma. It was a very delicious meal. Both hannah's mom and grandma were very happy mothers that day along with their family.


Mother's Day Picnic

Today the Kennedy's got together to honor grandma for mother's day. She is a very special lady.
Wishing all our mother's and grandmother's a very special Mother's Day!
Love Ya!


Pictures Just for Fun


Abigail's Birthday Party

Thursday we celebrated Abigail's birthday, she turned three years old!! Abigail is Hannah's cousin. There was yummy pizza, a cake with big ants crawling on it, and lots of fun!! Happy Birthday Abigail!!


70 in a 55

Here is a look at our headquarters right now. A Ford Windstar van. Our trusty Garmin has been guiding us to our destinations with ease, except in Indiana where it was telling me to go straight but all there was, was a small stream and field. Very weird! But we managed.
Saturday night I was headed into a small town in Indiana when I noticed a police car that was headed towards me, pull into a small parking lot and then when I passed, he pulled out behind me. By that time I had slowed down and was coming into town. I was careful to stay under the speed limit. The policeman followed me for quite a distance, then in the middle of town he turned his lights on. I couldn't believe it. I have never had a speeding ticket in all my life. Hannah of course was quick to let me know that my day had finally arrived and my first ticket was coming in just a few minutes. I reassured her that it would not be. Well, the officer came up to the car to let me know he clocked me going 70 in a 55, he wanted to see my insurance and license and he would soon get me out of there with a warning. Pwew. He was one of the nicest police officers I ever met. Within a few minutes he handed me my license and told us to drive safely. haha. I had come close once again. As we traveled out of town Hannah says " you are one of the luckiest people I know" .


The Robbins Side of the Family

Hannah has several cousins who are pastors and we have been privileged to hold services in several of their churches. Wednesday night we were in Greenville, Ohio with Rodney Robbins and his family and Sunday night we got to be with a few more cousins and their families. What a blast!! Sunday night after church we all went to aunt Edna's house for snack and fellowship. It's always a hoot and hollerin time. It's always good fun, good food and great memories.

Saying a word of prayer before digging into the good food.

Two grandpas going down memory lane.

Joseph entertaining a crowd of onlookers after a service.

Rodney Robbins and his family


Making Memories

Joseph has really enjoyed spending time with his grandparents. A few days ago he had the treat of helping grammy make cup cakes. He carefully took his time placing the little stars on top of each one. He loves to go wherever grammy goes, they are buddies!


uncle Nate and cousin Eathan