Happy Birthday Hannah

January 28 is the big day when Hannah celebrates another year!!! She is a wonderful wife and mother and on this special day as every day, she deserves the best!!
Joseph and I wish you the happiest, best birthday ever!!! We love you!!


Pray for Oneyda

We would ask that you please remember our Spanish teacher Oneyda in your prayers. Today at school the opportunity arose to have a heart to heart talk concerning her soul. She was raised in a Christian home, her father was a preacher. About ten years ago she quit going to church and admits she is not living a life pleasing to God. Today she asked me if I thought it was harder for someone who never heard the gospel to accept Christ, than for someone who was once a Christian to come back to Christ. She said that someday she will make things right.
Pray that God would convict her heart with the truth, and that God would give us wisdom as we share God´s Word and try to live as an example before her. God certainly is more than able.



God has been helping us as we ¨take AIM ¨ at Honduras. Some exciting things have been happening.
1. The work is nearing completion behind our house where we will eventually be able to start holding services.
2. God has been leading people in our direction. Just the other day at the mall a lady and her family got to know us a little bit and are interested in our church.
3. We are slowly making in-roads to Arabs. I came in contact with a missionary couple who have a Jordanian man working at their ranch.
4. Our knowledge of Spanish continues to increase, we are understanding and speaking much much better.
5. The Sunday school class continues to grow. We continue to meet new children, with several new ones attending the class.
Continue to pray that we will ¨hit the target¨and accomplish what God has sent us here to do. He is definitely working.


Joseph's Photo Shoot


What's New with Joseph?

Well our little guy just gets funnier every day. He is eating really well. He is to the point where he can down a whole jar of baby food in one sitting.
He is trying to put his own binky in his mouth although he doesn't always get it in right. At least he is trying.
A few weeks ago he was trying to do chin-ups in the back of the car. He is just full of energy and curiosity. He puts spark into our days.


Pray for our neighbor

In recent days my friend Carlos gave me some interesting news. He told me that in our neighborhood we are going to have to use some different techniques to build relationships. God directed us to an area that is " middle class ". Most of the people in Honduras are poor, but this street is a diferent story. It's more secure here and the people that live here have decent jobs. Our one neighbor is a profesor at the University, another is a doctor etc. Carlos informed me that reaching this group of people is a much slower process than it is in the barrios, or poor communities. We have to win their trust.
Well the family that lives in this house that is pictured are Mormons. Many times when we see each other we wave and say hello. But we have never really talked. The other day Hannah and I were on our way to the mall when he was coming out and getting into his truck. Seeing us walking he offered us a ride. We were able to introduce ourselves and start building a friendship. This may sound like nothing at all but in reality this was huge! Please pray for him, his name is Julio and also pray we can continue to make friends and win their confidence to share with them God's Word.


The Sun is Shining

Today was a beautiful day. This tree is blooming just across the street from us.


Internet Cafe

Here is the little shop where we stay connected to the world. It is just three doors down from our house. From here we updated our blog, read our emails and place phone calls. Inside are six little stations. It only costs about .90 cents an hour.


Costa Rica!

Believe it or not we have been in Honduras now for over three months. The time is flying! However, our visas are only good for three months so not having our residencial papers we had to leave the country. We decided to head South and visit some old friends in Costa Rica. It was a long trip by bus but it sure was worth it. It is a beautiful place!!


Our Friends

We stayed with pastor Rolando and his wife Carmen and their four boys. I got to know this family during my first missions internship several years ago. He pastors a church in Paraiso, Costa Rica that is part of Evangelistic Faith Missions. They are such a great family and we really enjoyed our time together.


Basilica of Angels

We paid a visit to the Basilica of Angels in Cartago, Costa Rica. It is here that hundreds of years ago a little Indian girl discovered a small image of the Virgin Mary atop of a large rock. She took the image home and put it in a box only to discover the next time the same image on top of the rock. This happened several times. A local priest took the image and experienced the same pheonomenon and later a church was built over this " holy " rock.
Today this Basilica is one of the Catholic holy sites in Central America. Every year on August 2nd thousands gather here from all across Central America to honor this special appearance of the Virgin. Some walk miles from surrounding countries to participate on this special day.
You will see many things inside this Basilica. Beautiful stained glass windows, statues of saints and people doing their penance. Pictured above is one man crawling on his knees down the center aisle.
It is an amazing place and something you will never forget.


How Sweet

Enjoying some freshly sliced sugar cane. Mmmm.


Paradise in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is absolutely beautiful! They have 5% of the world's rain forests. They have plants and animals that most of us have never seen or even heard of. There are birds and butterflies with colors and designs that are amazing. It was so neat to see some of these things for the first time. The first picture of us is at the edge of the rainforest. As you can see there are some huge leaves that grow there along with a whole other world of animal life. It is a great place.


Birthday Party!

While we were staying with Rolando and his family one of his son´s turned five years old. This was the first time Joseph got to attend a birthday party! We had so much fun.


My other family...

Before we returned to Honduras we were able to visit my ¨other family¨. When I was studying in college I did my first missions internship here in Costa Rica. I studied Spanish for eight weeks. Mario and Hilda housed me during my stay and we became good friends. We have kept in contact over the years but this was the first time I got to see them in nearly three and a half years. I was so glad we could meet. It brought back a lot of memories.