Pray for our neighbor

In recent days my friend Carlos gave me some interesting news. He told me that in our neighborhood we are going to have to use some different techniques to build relationships. God directed us to an area that is " middle class ". Most of the people in Honduras are poor, but this street is a diferent story. It's more secure here and the people that live here have decent jobs. Our one neighbor is a profesor at the University, another is a doctor etc. Carlos informed me that reaching this group of people is a much slower process than it is in the barrios, or poor communities. We have to win their trust.
Well the family that lives in this house that is pictured are Mormons. Many times when we see each other we wave and say hello. But we have never really talked. The other day Hannah and I were on our way to the mall when he was coming out and getting into his truck. Seeing us walking he offered us a ride. We were able to introduce ourselves and start building a friendship. This may sound like nothing at all but in reality this was huge! Please pray for him, his name is Julio and also pray we can continue to make friends and win their confidence to share with them God's Word.


Momma J/T said...

I can't wait to hear and see what God is going to do with this man.I am always amazed at the people God allows to cross our paths in life.