Costa Rica!

Believe it or not we have been in Honduras now for over three months. The time is flying! However, our visas are only good for three months so not having our residencial papers we had to leave the country. We decided to head South and visit some old friends in Costa Rica. It was a long trip by bus but it sure was worth it. It is a beautiful place!!


wayne said...

The pics are amazing. I really like the ones with the rain forest. I am constantly amazed at God's creation. Your post have really been a blessing at church. I have been sharing them at our monthly mission services. Thanks.

Thanks so much for the updates. We really enjoy watching what the Lord is doing for you. Joseph has grown so much!

Scott said...

I love the architecture of the National Theatre.

Just Ramblin said...

I stop by every now and than, really enjoy reading your blog and watching your little boy grow. Thanks for sharing pics. of the Rain Forest, absolutely beautiful.