Basilica of Angels

We paid a visit to the Basilica of Angels in Cartago, Costa Rica. It is here that hundreds of years ago a little Indian girl discovered a small image of the Virgin Mary atop of a large rock. She took the image home and put it in a box only to discover the next time the same image on top of the rock. This happened several times. A local priest took the image and experienced the same pheonomenon and later a church was built over this " holy " rock.
Today this Basilica is one of the Catholic holy sites in Central America. Every year on August 2nd thousands gather here from all across Central America to honor this special appearance of the Virgin. Some walk miles from surrounding countries to participate on this special day.
You will see many things inside this Basilica. Beautiful stained glass windows, statues of saints and people doing their penance. Pictured above is one man crawling on his knees down the center aisle.
It is an amazing place and something you will never forget.


Jeanne said...

These are beautiful to look at...