Joseph's School Parade

Today was Joseph's school parade. He was so excited! It's customary that schools march through the streets in celebration of Independence Day, September 15th.
They go all out for these events!
Joseph dressed up in a traditional outfit.
A lot of people turned out to march.
There was a neat little marching band that followed at the end.
The band members wore these cloaks with the school mascot the Nashville Predators.
Representing Honduran traditions.
These kids loved dressing up. They looked pretty cool in their shades.
This guy was really enjoying playing his drum.
Beautiful traditional dresses.
It sure was fun marching in the parade!!


Celebrating Children's Day

September 10th is children's day in Honduras and it is a pretty big deal. Lots of candy and piñatas get sold around this time of year. Well our people from Tiloarque approached and said they felt like they wanted to do something special for the children in Las Delicias. So they got their heads together and decided they would buy piñatas, candy, food, gifts and make decorations to take to Las Delicias and have a real big celebration since most of the children there had never had anything like this before. So I invited all three of our churches to be part of the big day. We had to rent a bus to get everybody there.
The news of these kinds of events spreads like wildfire and people come out of the woodwork to show up. Needless to say the church was packed, and we took the opportunity to give a simple gospel message. The young people acted out the parable of the good Samaritan, we told some other stories and sang choruses. I was thrilled to see about 20 children come forward to pray at the altar at the end of the service.
After the service we headed outdoors to find a good tree to hang our piñatas on. The kids were so excited to take a turn swatting the candy filled figures.
We took three piñatas, one for the little children, one for the girls and one for the boys.
Joseph doesn't like to use the blindfold. haha. But he did pretty good.
Total chaos when the piñata bursts!!!
Each child received a bag of goodies and a book marker with a Bible verse. There were close to 90 children 12 and under!!!
One of the young people made balloon swords and hats for the kids. Anderson thought he was pretty cool with his Indian headdress and pirate sword. Haha so cute.
Another piece of balloon art.
Our ladies worked so hard cooking the food, preparing the decorations and serving the people.
 Lined up and ready to eat!
May the Lord help us reach the children. They are tomorrow's leaders.
This dirty little boy couldn't make it through the supermarket, he was just too tired! I think we all felt like that at the end of the day. But it sure was fun!


A Visit to San Luis

A few days ago I headed to the mountains of San Luis to pay a visit to Evangelistic Faith Missions Bible Institute. One of our young people, Pablo, is feeling a call to ministry and would like to study full time at a Bible School. So we decided to check out the possibilities of him studying with EFM.
Here is the gang that went with us. On the left is Gehovani, he was saved about a month ago at Tiloarque. God has made an incredible transformation in his life. He is just diving in and giving it all he's got. It has been such an encouragement watching him grow in the Lord. Next to him is a missionary friend of ours named Steve. He adopted Bryan standing next to him and is trying to help him work through a lot of things in his life. Next to Bryan is Pablo, God has really been working in his life and he is excited about serving the Lord. The little boy in the front is Gehovanie's son Anderson.
EFM's beautiful tabernacle. The front is used for offices and classrooms for the Bible Institute.
Enjoying a delicious lunch in the cafeteria.
We had a little meet and greet with the director, students and staff. 
Early in the morning Gehovani came up on this hill to pray. He so enjoyed the solitude and the quite time with the Lord.
Some of God's amazing creation.

It was definitely a very beneficial trip. There is a possibility that Pablo will be attending next semester if it's the Lord's will. I would be thrilled if he went. Pray that God directs his life.