Joseph's School Parade

Today was Joseph's school parade. He was so excited! It's customary that schools march through the streets in celebration of Independence Day, September 15th.
They go all out for these events!
Joseph dressed up in a traditional outfit.
A lot of people turned out to march.
There was a neat little marching band that followed at the end.
The band members wore these cloaks with the school mascot the Nashville Predators.
Representing Honduran traditions.
These kids loved dressing up. They looked pretty cool in their shades.
This guy was really enjoying playing his drum.
Beautiful traditional dresses.
It sure was fun marching in the parade!!


Dorcas said...

That's pretty neat that Joseph was able to be in your Independence Parade. So cute!!

Jeanne Kuhns said...

WOW ! What a nice parade..and Joseph looked fantastic!