God is Helping!

Our schedule has been jammed packed! Lot's of preaching, Bible Institute Classes on Saturdays, raising two kids, and discipleship class makes for a busy week. But in the midst of the busyness God has been working in a powerful way. We have had services filled with God's presence, and new converts who have just made a total turn-around, it is so exciting. I'm so thankful for a wife that gets right in there and helps carry the load. She is working with the women of the church and is planning to train them to teach Sunday School classes. She is also working with the children and youth. Here is a picture of the ladies who came Friday night to the ladies meeting. They are doing a study on the Characteristics of a Christian Woman. The lady on the far right, Yolanda, has been coming to our church for about 4 years now. Just a few weeks ago she came to the altar and really settled some things with God. It has been amazing watching the change in her life!!
Food and fellowship after the class.


Kristen said...

I'm so glad to hear how God is working and I'm also very pleased to hear that Sunday School teachers are being trained. I'm still so very excited to come down there and work with you all! :-D