HI everybody. Just wanted to give a little update on our lives right now. Things are going great, although we miss all our friends and family, wish we could see you. We have been having weekly Bible studies in an attempt to form a faithful core of people to start a church. Last night our friend Oscar came for the very first time. He knows very little about the Bible. We are studying Romans and last night was chapter 5 a great chapter! I explained to him the story from the beginning, the fall of Lucifer, Adam and Eve, the cursed world, the problem of sin etc. He was so shocked about the story of the devil and his attempt to become God, he never knew that before. It was quite a Bible study. Please pray for Oscar, he really needs God`s help right now. He was married and divorced three times and has a girlfriend right now. This has become a real obstacle for him. Cover him with your prayers.

I would appreciate prayers for what I`m calling Operation Invitation. We are working on a brochure right now that explains who we are and what we are here to do. Our goal for 2008 is to have these printed and distribute them to every house in our surrounding community. We hope this will be a way of opening new doors and finding new contacts. Pray that we can get this accomplished.

God has been so good to us. It is a joy to serve Him on the mission field. You never know what each day will bring. But no matter what comes, God always shines bright and powerful. We couldn´t do it without Him.

Thanks again for all the prayers, support, emails that we receive, letters, gifts etc. We love you all. Thanks for thinking of us.


A Great Thanksgiving

This year was a very special Thanksgiving for us. We decided to invite all our friends to join us for a big evening celebration. Hannah cooked all day long. She baked a 24lb. turkey, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, green beans, stuffing, corn and six pumpkin pies to top it all off. She worked so hard and did a fantastic job! Our friends arrived dressed in their best. This was a great honor for them. We shared testimonies to thanks for the many blessings we have received throughout the year. I gave a little gospel message and then we sang some songs. It was such a great time. I told them the story of Thanksgiving and what happened to the Pilgrims when they landed at Plymouth Rock. After a word of prayer we started feasting. They loved it!! Everyone wanted to take an extra plate home so we have very few left-overs. We really felt like family. We didn't want them to leave. But since it isn't a holiday here, everyone had to work the following morning. So by 10:30 everyone left. It was definitely one of our most enjoyable Thanksgivings ever!


One Year Ago

I'm sure many of you remember a year ago we mistakenly had Thanksgiving a week early. We only had one visitor join us for that special early celebration. This year was different. We have certainly expanded our circle of friends. This year there was a total of 24 of us and there were a few who couldn't come. It was so much fun. We have lot's to be thankful for, God is helping us to start a ministry we give Him all the glory. We have come a long way in one year!!


It's Christmas Time

Wednesday we went shopping for a Christmas tree. Some of our friends joined in on the decorating. They love to decorate and celebrate. It was so much fun.


Joseph with his friend Carlos. They are big buddies.


Joey the Kid


Good Li`l Workers

Four of our Sunday school children came over Saturday to clean the class room. They scrubbed down the walls, cleaned the windows, mopped the floor, swept, and even cut the grass. They did a really good job. They each got paid the equivalent to $1.50 for their hard work. Trust me, that was big money for them. They said they were going to save it up. They felt good to see a job well done.


Joseph enjoyed a visit from one of our Sunday school boys. They colored together.


Party Time

This past Saturday was a big birthday bash for our spanish teacher's son Carlos. He turned two years old. We told her she could use our house to hold the party because she didn't have enough room at her place. The party theme was Cars. Hannah did a tremendous job making the cake. It was amazing!! She bought a car mold and did a trial run earlier in the week. It crumbled and fell apart. So when the time came to make the real deal she was a bit nervous. But everything went so well. She made two sheet cakes and put them together like a road. We sprayed them black with food coloring and I painted the yellow lines. Together we painted the car cake and it looked just like McQueen. She covered our dry erase board with foil and painted the top green on either side of the road to look like grass. The cake overflow she had, she cut it and used it as a little hill. Then she took a few of Joseph's little farm animals and stood them along the road. It was awsome! I was really proud of her. The cake tasted really good too.

We ended up having about 34 people come to the party. Most of them were all aunts, uncles, and cousins of Sandi. It was a really nice party.



Mysterious Place

ooooh the market what a fantastic place. A trip to the market is like going to the moon and back, it's totally a different world. I love taking pictures there. It helps you to see and almost touch and smell this place. You will see drug addicts laying on the street sniffing glue. The poorest of the poor begging for money. Old and young alike working to support their families. You can find just about anything you want. Seafood, meats, chickens, snacks, crafts, flowers, it's all there. Today we went with our Spanish teacher and her friend into "the market" looking for party supplies for her son's birthday. Here were a few sights along the way.

I love this shot. Here is Sandi and her friend looking through the candy and chips. These little booths are stuffed with goodies.

Here is a man looking through a mountain of meat for that perfect piece. I hope he got what he was looking for.

Here is a little girl sewing something to sell. I couldn't quite see what she had in her hand. Instead of going to school she went to work today.

This elderly lady was selling little pieces of chocolate. We bought a few from her. I like her sweatshirt. Many of the clothes they buy here are hand-me-downs from the states. There are many goodwill stores in the market.

The building we were in was two stories. Here is a shot looking down into the middle of this hustling bustling bubble.

They make some of the most unique pinatas I have ever seen. They are so colorful and creative. Parties are big business here.


Bible Studies

We have been holding Friday night Bible studies with some friends who own a beauty salon in the apartment above us. We have been working through the book of Romans. I have really enjoyed it. We would appreciate your prayers for these studies as well as for Oscar and his family. Pray that we would see more people attend.


All Boy

This picture says it all.


Back to Class

When Joseph was born it made it very difficult to keep up with our language school. We tried taking him to class with us but it just didn´t work. Being locked down in class for four hours a day just wasn´t his cup of tea. So for some time we had been out of language school. Still not feeling on the level that we would like, I felt like we somehow needed to get back to our studies and go deeper. That`s when God answered prayer. He provided us with Sandi, a Spanish teacher who lives close to our house. She comes to our home two hours a day four days a week. During the class our neighbour takes care of Joseph. It has been working out so good. She does a great job even teaching us how to cook a few Honduran dishes.
My goal for 2007 was to preach in Spanish without an interpreter. I am happy to report God has helped me reach that goal. It still isn´t perfect but it feels so good to be able to minister to the people in their own language. We would appreciate your prayers as we continue to chip away at this barrier.