Party Time

This past Saturday was a big birthday bash for our spanish teacher's son Carlos. He turned two years old. We told her she could use our house to hold the party because she didn't have enough room at her place. The party theme was Cars. Hannah did a tremendous job making the cake. It was amazing!! She bought a car mold and did a trial run earlier in the week. It crumbled and fell apart. So when the time came to make the real deal she was a bit nervous. But everything went so well. She made two sheet cakes and put them together like a road. We sprayed them black with food coloring and I painted the yellow lines. Together we painted the car cake and it looked just like McQueen. She covered our dry erase board with foil and painted the top green on either side of the road to look like grass. The cake overflow she had, she cut it and used it as a little hill. Then she took a few of Joseph's little farm animals and stood them along the road. It was awsome! I was really proud of her. The cake tasted really good too.

We ended up having about 34 people come to the party. Most of them were all aunts, uncles, and cousins of Sandi. It was a really nice party.


Jeanne said...

Wow did a great job..
It looks really fun..

Beth Stetler said...

Very cool!

WOW!! The cake looks great!!

Tiffany said...

Whoa go, girl!! Looks awesome!!

lizzie said...

WOw hannah, That is just so cool! I love it!!