Mysterious Place

ooooh the market what a fantastic place. A trip to the market is like going to the moon and back, it's totally a different world. I love taking pictures there. It helps you to see and almost touch and smell this place. You will see drug addicts laying on the street sniffing glue. The poorest of the poor begging for money. Old and young alike working to support their families. You can find just about anything you want. Seafood, meats, chickens, snacks, crafts, flowers, it's all there. Today we went with our Spanish teacher and her friend into "the market" looking for party supplies for her son's birthday. Here were a few sights along the way.

I love this shot. Here is Sandi and her friend looking through the candy and chips. These little booths are stuffed with goodies.

Here is a man looking through a mountain of meat for that perfect piece. I hope he got what he was looking for.

Here is a little girl sewing something to sell. I couldn't quite see what she had in her hand. Instead of going to school she went to work today.

This elderly lady was selling little pieces of chocolate. We bought a few from her. I like her sweatshirt. Many of the clothes they buy here are hand-me-downs from the states. There are many goodwill stores in the market.

The building we were in was two stories. Here is a shot looking down into the middle of this hustling bustling bubble.

They make some of the most unique pinatas I have ever seen. They are so colorful and creative. Parties are big business here.


Beth Stetler said...

There is nothing quite like the mercado. Especially the smell! :-)