Revival Review

We are thanking God for a phenomenal weekend revival at Tiloarque. It is hard to believe that the church is celebrating 7 years!!!! The best is yet to come!!
Israel Torres was the evangelist. God used him to minister to our hearts, to edify the church and glorify God. It was a privilege having him with us.
On Saturday of the revival we had a baptismal and baptized 8 new converts!!!!! This man's name is Gonzalo Moreno he is a retired English professor from University. For years he sought for truth visiting the Mormons, practicing Yoga, studying Eastern religions and for many years attending the Catholic church. But about a year ago he felt an impulse to stop and read our church sign. It said Evangelical Holiness Church. He said the word holiness caught his attention and he came to one of our services. He has been coming ever since. He gave his heart to God, found the peace that he has long searched for and is fervently serving the Lord. He is a tremendous encouragement to all of us. Thank God for His grace and mercy!!!
Pablo attends our Las Uvas church. He used to be an alcoholic. Now he has quit drinking and is serving Jesus Christ. He is originally from Nicaragua married to a Honduran. Just a few weeks ago they got married and their whole family is going to church. It is amazing what God can do!!
Pablo's wife Norma.
This is Nahum getting baptized. He is literally a walking miracle!! About a year or so ago he was in a terrible motorcycle accident. Doctors said he wouldn't live and if he did, he would be a vegetable. Well he lived. Doctors had to remove part of his brain and they said he would never walk. Well he is. When he first started coming to church he came in a wheelchair. Now he is walking with a cane. This guy can talk, he has memorized all kinds of Bible verses and he loves to testify about what God has done in his life. It was so exciting to baptize him!!!
We had a great bus ride to and from the baptism. Just an all around fun day.
Sunday morning of the revival the church was packed!! We had representatives from all three of our churches. Roberto even brought a group from Las Delicias.
During the Sunday morning services we handed out the baptismal certificates. This is Francisco. This young man has overcome incredible obstacles but is determined to serve God. Pray for him as you think of him. His mother is very sick and was hospitalized he is trying to be the father for his family.
Suamy is 15. Pray for her. She carries a lot of baggage from a very troubled past. She has suffered so many things. But she is overcoming and learning to grow in grace.
After the morning service everybody stayed for a fellowship meal. One of our church ladies prepared an amazing beef stew!! Mmmmm so good.
There were people everywhere!!!
Hannah worked with the young people on a skit. They presented the "Prodigal Son" during the Sunday afternoon service. God really helped them and many people commented that they were touched by the story. The little kids on the ground are the "pigs".
On Monday we took Israel and Gonzalo to Santa Lucia and Valle de Angeles. He had never been there before and very much enjoyed the quaint little towns.
Thank you to each who prayed for this revival. We felt God's presence in every service and many people sought God and got help. All praise and glory to Jesus Christ!!!


Random Things

Nana sent a Christmas card with a little ornament inside it to Daniel all the way back in November. But we never got it for Christmas. We had no clue what ever happened to it....until the other day when it showed up!!! Here it went all the way to Uganda, Africa!!!! Now he has his ornament for next Christmas.
Mis-sent to Uganda!!!
One of Joseph's school projects was to make a sign for a business. He decided to do Floyd's Barber Shop!!
Daniel is ready for his first motorcycle!!! Look out!!


Father's Day

March 19th was Father's Day here in Honduras. Hannah prepared a delicious spaghetti dinner for the fathers. We had a great time together.
Some of the ladies that came to help serve also got to enjoy the dinner as well.
What a great group of guys!! We pray that each one of them will be godly examples for their children!!


Facelift at Las Uvas

Thanks to a very generous offering sent in by Bailey Road Christian Church of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio we were able to make some much needed improvements at the church in Las Uvas. Rita is our seamstress and she made some curtains for the six windows. What a change that made!!!
Johnny Vasquez is one of our new converts. He has been growing leaps and bounds. Presently he is taking discipleship classes to be baptized. He also came along to help us hang the curtains and do some fixing up around the church.
We also bought more chairs for the Sunday school room.
There are still a few other things we need to do but things are starting to look much better!!


A Visit to the Church in San Pedro Sula

Since about October of last year the church in San Pedro Sula has been without a pastor. We are praying that God will soon provide a family that feels God's call on their life to come and minister at this church. In the meantime the leaders of the church are taking turns preaching and from time to time a pastor from another denomination comes to help out. In the beginning of March we paid a visit to the church to see how they were doing and to give them encouragement.
We were happy to find that despite not having a pastor the people are encouraged and working hard. They have made some improvements to the building. They had a mural painted on the back wall that has added some color and character to the sanctuary.
Keeping cool with a Coke in the San Pedro heat.
One of the church families that we visited have a pet bunny. Daniel just loved that bunny to death and has wanted one of his own ever since.