A Visit to the Church in San Pedro Sula

Since about October of last year the church in San Pedro Sula has been without a pastor. We are praying that God will soon provide a family that feels God's call on their life to come and minister at this church. In the meantime the leaders of the church are taking turns preaching and from time to time a pastor from another denomination comes to help out. In the beginning of March we paid a visit to the church to see how they were doing and to give them encouragement.
We were happy to find that despite not having a pastor the people are encouraged and working hard. They have made some improvements to the building. They had a mural painted on the back wall that has added some color and character to the sanctuary.
Keeping cool with a Coke in the San Pedro heat.
One of the church families that we visited have a pet bunny. Daniel just loved that bunny to death and has wanted one of his own ever since.