Revival Meeting in Las Delicias

This past weekend we went to Las Delicias to preach a revival on the theme of Holiness. It was an awesome time!! The crowds were to big for the church so they set up in front of a little school house. Roberto invited several area churches and they brought a bus and several car loads of people.
There was probably an average of about 150 people each night, with the biggest crowd on Sunday night with more than 200! There were 10 people who got saved during the meeting!! Praise God for what He has done!! The church is moving forward.
While we were home in Pa, my cousin Pam bought both of our boys a scooter for Christmas. It has been the hit of the town!! Joseph and his friends spent most of the weekend riding scooters!
Pastor Roberto with his daughter Jireth and Daniel. Roberto and Jenny are doing an excellent job in this community!! They have really focused on prayer and fasting and God is giving them results.
This little guy loves rice!!!!!
On Sunday morning we had a baptismal service. There were six people that got baptized.
Roberto and I with the five that got baptized in the pond. We later baptized another lady in her house because she is unable to walk. It was a very special service and so encouraging to see new converts minding God.
Praising God for what He has done!!
Joseph on one of the rock hills near the pond.
After the baptismals at the pond we stopped by Susanna's house. Due to a sickness in her bones she is unable to walk and wasn't able to go to the pond to be baptized. So we came to her house and baptized her by pouring water. She was so exited!!
Susanna with her baptismal certificate.
Pastor Roberto with two young men from his church who are really wanting to serve God. David on the left and Philip on the right. They may very well be future pastors.
On Sunday there were about 30 of our people from Tiloarque that came to be part of the baptismal service and a few stayed for the evening service. Here are some of the girls toasting tortillas for lunch.
The services were blessed with God's presence!!! We definitely felt His help.
Some of the baptismal candidates with their certificates.