Heading Home

We would appreciate your prayers as we plan to make a short trip home to the states. We will be leaving Tuesday, April 3rd. We plan to return to Honduras on May 3rd. There is a small amount of paper work that we need in order to receive our residency permit, pray that this will all go fine. We will also be doing a little traveling and a few services, we would appreciate your prayers in this behalf as well.

We plan to be at the Interchurch Holiness Convention in Dayton, Ohio. Maybe we will see many of you there. If you are planning to attend be sure to look us up and say hello!!


A Man from Kuwait

Yesterday we were in central when we stopped by a little store to buy a shirt for Joseph. Several weeks ago I had heard that the owner of this store was an Arab but I had never checked it out. But here we were, we picked out a shirt and I went to pay for it. The man behind the counter I knew had to be the owner, he looked like an Arab. So I asked him, " Do you speak Arabic?" he was shocked. He said yes he did. I said that my wife was from Jordan and she speaks Arabic. Immediately they began to talk as if they were long time friends. It was so amazing. He is a Palestinian from Kuwait, he had studied in California for awhile, later moved back to Kuwait but he was very lonely there. Seven years ago he moved here to Honduras. So there we stood speaking, Spanish, English and Arabic. It was hilarious. But we all basically understood everything. One of the surprising things was, his cousin is married to a girl whose family lives in Hannah´s hometown in Jordan!! They are coming here for a visit in July to attend a wedding, he wants us to meet them when they come. He was such a nice man. Only God knows where this new contact will lead us. Please pray for God´s direction and wisdom.


"Do you want to die?"

Tuesday, March 29, 2:00 pm Annie was in a back room doing some cleaning at the internet cafe that she and her husband owns when she heard two men walk in. Thinking it was just clients needing to use a computer she calmly came to the desk to take care of business. That was when they drew out a pistol and waved it in her face and said to hand over the money. Her children were there with her, fearing for their lives she quickly told them to hide in a nearby bathroom. As the children waited inside crying, the men continued to demand money. Annie began to pray out loud asking God to cover her with His blood, to help her this very moment! The two men began opening the droors to the desk looking for the money. It was laying in the droor in plain view but they could not find it. The men began to get very nervous. Annie continued to pray and plead for God´s mercy.
A young man came to the cafe to use a computer, stepping inside and seeing the situation he quietly left and ran for help, the burglars never saw him. Getting somewhat frustrated, one of the men pointed his gun at Annie and said " Do you want to die?" Annie responded, " You can go ahead and kill me, I´m ready to die, if you shoot me I´m going to heaven". The thieves continued searching for money to no avail. Finally just to get them out, Annie reached into the droor and handed them the money. They turned to leave the building with Annie following behind them to quickly shut the door when they were outside. Upon reaching the door the man turned back to her once again and said, "Do you want to die?" he then grabbed her by the hair pulled her out on the sidewalk and made her kneel with the pistol at her head. Again Annie fervently began to pray. " Oh God protect me, cover me with your blood, Lord help me right now, send your angels!" By this time a nearby gate guard was alerted and was on his way to the scene, he began to fire his gun to warn them to stop. The children who were still hiding in the bathroom heard the gun shot and thought for sure their mother was dead. The other man had grabbed a young girl by the arm as a hostage and was walking her down the street. Annie, no longer thinking of her own life but rather for the life of the young girl ran up behind the men praying aloud for the safety of this young girl, that God would release her unharmed. God did just that. They released the girl and fled, thankfully nobody was hurt. The thieves did escape with the money after several gun shots, but most importantly God kept his hands on all those involved.
We often visit this internet cafe just three doors down from our house. We were shocked to hear the news. Thankfully we were running errands and came home late in the afternoon, if we hadn´t been away, there would have been a good chance we would have been there checking our email. We often visit about this time of the day. If we would have been there God only knows what could have happened. He truly is keeping His hand upon us. Thank God for His protection.


A Dear Saint

It has been such a pleasure to make a new friendship with Ingred Padget who lives near our house. I was introduced to her through a taxi friend. She loves the Lord so much and as has joined us in our ministry. We meet together through the week for prayer and she helps in the Sunday school class. She has opened so many doors for us. Years ago she held services in her house but when Hurricane Mitch hit in 1998 her group never recovered. She has been praying for a holiness church in Tiloarque for years. She knows everybody in our neighborhood so one by one she is introducing us to new families.
Just the other day we visited her cousin who is dying with cancer. We both gave our testimonies to what God can do and prayed with him. Her cousin was a biology professor and later an English teacher for years. Please pray for him, he seems to be searching and is very open to the gospel at this point in his life, his name is Jorge.


New Opportunity

Sister Ingrid´s daughter( pictured at the desk ) is a doctor at a private clinic right in the heart of the city. She has approached us about being involved in this work. They are needing supplies which we may be able to ship from the states as donations. It would also be a place to make contacts with many who are in need. I would be like a chaplain visiting the sick, counseling patients who come to the clinic, and distributing Christian literature. In the future we may work together making trips into rural areas with medicine and supplies to distribute while holding evangelistic services. Please help us pray about this opportunity that God would give us direction. This clinic is definitely doing a great work.


New Contact

Many of you know that we have had a keen interest in reaching Arabs living here in Honduras. In the early 1900`s there was a large migration of Arabs to Central America. Today many of them own restaurants and businesses and are very influencial in the government.

Just about three weeks ago we got acquainted with a lady named Ingrid. She is a dear Christian lady who has ministered to the poor villages across Honduras for ten years. She has recently been helping us in our ministry to the children, teaching them songs and bringing snacks. We have started meeting with her for prayer Wednesdays and Saturdays. Praying that God would open doors and lead people to our church who are hungry for God´s Word.

During a recent prayer meeting she told us that there are two Arab families that are living in our community and that she is good friends with one of the ladies. She told us that whenever we wanted to, we could go and visit them. We were so excited to find this out and prayed that God would open this door.

This past Thursday we made a special visit with the Kafati family. What a treat! Sister Ingrid met us on our way to their house and before entering we stood on the street and prayed for God´s help and direction.

Our visit was so enjoyable. It was a pleasure to get to know Nadi and her three children. She is Honduran but her husband is Palestinian. He is a civil engineer working all week and coming home on the weekends so he is rarely home. She told us that when she began to attend an Evangelical church her husband gave her so much trouble. But, over time he accepted it and she continues to go to church. She shared with us some of the difficulties she faced with his family when she first was married. Her mother-in-law didn´t like her because she was Honduran and not Palestinian. She has faced some real struggles, but in her heart she really wants to serve God.

During our visit Hannah was thrilled to get some Arabic food. Nadi has learned to cook these special dishes, you really wouldn´t even know she is Honduran.

Before leaving we gathered in a circle in her living room and prayed. She carries a heavy burden for her family. Her children are not Christians and her husband is so hard against Christianity. Please help us pray for this family. That God would get a hold of their hearts and change their lives. This is a real miracle of God and we didn´t meet by chance God has a special plan. We are excited to see what the future holds.


2 Years Ago

This time two years ago we were in Jordan finishing our last missionary internship. We enjoyed teaching some of the very first children´s services in the local Catholic church. We had about sixty children come every week. We visited a bedouin family living near Mt. Nebo, where we shared a meal and got to really experience life in a tent. We also ministered in a Pentecostal church, had several Bible studies in Hannah´s home and witnessed to many family and friends living in Jordan. It was an incredible time. Hearts are so ready and hungry for the gospel. What a privilege to tell them about Jesus. It´s hard to believe it was two years ago, it just seems like yesterday.



Here are some of the highlites from our visit to Jerusalem. Standing on the temple mount. Inside the garden tomb where Jesus´ body laid for three days. In the garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed. We will never forget our trip. It truly is a holy land.



The Dead Sea and Petra. They were both amazing and so beautiful.


A Special Visit

We were honored to have one of our fellow missionaries, Daniel Melton come for a visit. He is working with Evangelistic Faith Missions in San Luis, Honduras. He was in Tegucigalpa on busines and came to spend the night. We enjoyed his fellowship so much. We are looking forward to his next visit with the whole family.


Distributing Literature

We had fun distributing tracts and the children´s book "Jesus My Very Best Friend" in central park. We handed them out like hot cakes.


Hats Off to Joseph!

Joseph in his new hat! No. 27! A cool cat in his new hat.


I Found the Dew!

You may think this is crazy, but I was thrilled the other day to find a can of Mountain Dew tucked away on the top of a shelf at the supermarket. I hadn´t had a Mountain Dew in about five months. I almost forgot what it tasted like. Mmmmmm it was good!


Eight Months

Joseph is celebrating eight months!! My how the time is flying. He is crawling all over the house, exploring everything. He already has eight teeth and says da-da, bu-bu among other squeels and sounds. He is so much fun!! Happy eight months!!


The Electrician

Meet Melvin the electrician. He has been working around our house the past few days. He is a very nice guy. He recounted to me his adventures crossing the border into the states. He and two other guys crossed into Texas. He was actually working at a car wash when the immigration came by and discovered he was illegal. He was taken to a prison where many other illegals were being held and within a few days they were put on a bus and deported back to Honduras. He actually made two trips to the states, each time being deported. Many Hondurans dream of coming to the states to work for six or eight years with the hopes of returning to their country with enough money to buy a house and a car and maybe start a little business. In Melvin´s case his dream was cut short.


Brave Hannah!

Yesterday Hannah made the startling discovery that this millipede or whatever it is was in our house!! It was huge. She bravely killed this invading beast that was trapped to a piece of tape and was struggling to escape. Way to go Hannah!!