A Dear Saint

It has been such a pleasure to make a new friendship with Ingred Padget who lives near our house. I was introduced to her through a taxi friend. She loves the Lord so much and as has joined us in our ministry. We meet together through the week for prayer and she helps in the Sunday school class. She has opened so many doors for us. Years ago she held services in her house but when Hurricane Mitch hit in 1998 her group never recovered. She has been praying for a holiness church in Tiloarque for years. She knows everybody in our neighborhood so one by one she is introducing us to new families.
Just the other day we visited her cousin who is dying with cancer. We both gave our testimonies to what God can do and prayed with him. Her cousin was a biology professor and later an English teacher for years. Please pray for him, he seems to be searching and is very open to the gospel at this point in his life, his name is Jorge.


Anonymous said...

Hello Eric and Hannah,
I just wanted to drop you a comment, and tell you that I enjoy reading your blog, and hearing what God is doing through your lives! I was also wondering if the kuhns@inbox.com email address is correct. We have tried to reach you there with no success. Also John Dykes had tried the email as well. I you could let me know a new e-mail address it would be appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Michael Mason