Heading Home

We would appreciate your prayers as we plan to make a short trip home to the states. We will be leaving Tuesday, April 3rd. We plan to return to Honduras on May 3rd. There is a small amount of paper work that we need in order to receive our residency permit, pray that this will all go fine. We will also be doing a little traveling and a few services, we would appreciate your prayers in this behalf as well.

We plan to be at the Interchurch Holiness Convention in Dayton, Ohio. Maybe we will see many of you there. If you are planning to attend be sure to look us up and say hello!!


lizzie said...

I am sooooooooooo excited about you guys coming home!!!!!! 5 more days you'll be in the states!!!

Jeanne said...


Eric and Hannah,
We will be praying for you as you make this trip to the States for these weeks. We visit your blog from time to time and are happy to see how God is blessing your work there in Honduras - the country of my husband's birth.
If you ever have a chance to come to Mexico, we would love to have you visit us!
Enjoy the States and enjoy IHC - we're missing it for the second year in a row....but some things can't be helped, right?

Que les vaya bien!
Melodie Sankey

Scott said...

It won't be long now! :)

Hopefully we will get to see you while you are in the states. Even if it is at IHC.

Jason said...

Have a safe trip home!! :)

Tiffany said...

Yeah!! I definitely want to see you guys!! I'm in Ohio thru April 8th but we should try to plan a "game night" with the whole crew before you head back!! I HAVE to see you guys and my "little peanut" whose not that little anymore!! Love you guys!!