Eight Months

Joseph is celebrating eight months!! My how the time is flying. He is crawling all over the house, exploring everything. He already has eight teeth and says da-da, bu-bu among other squeels and sounds. He is so much fun!! Happy eight months!!


Momma J/T said...

You are so beautiful,Joseph Zaid! Nanna loves you very much. I can't wait to hold and sqeeeeeze you.

lizzie said...

Happy eight months, Baby Boo! Aunt Wizzie wuvs and misses you!! come home to me soon, okay?! Love Aunt Lizzie

Scott said...

Happy 8 from your favorite uncle. :)

Hey, you have got a really cute guy there! I really enjoy your blog. It makes me homesick to be back in Central America. It also helps me to know how to pray for you. Stop by our new blog and see pictures little guy.