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Vehicle Project

The two months we spent in Tegucigalpa riding bus after bus and from taxi to taxi helped us realize more than ever the need for a vehicle.

We have been warned by the nationals of the dangers of riding public buses, where thieves often lurk waiting for easy victims. There are also the hassles of talking our way into a decent price for a taxi ride when our obvious American looks and accent give us away. If there is ever a need of late night travel through the city it becomes nearly impossible. The buses become all the more dangerous and the taxi prices go even higher.

Our own personal vehicle would not only be safer and more convenient but would also be beneficial in our ministry which is most important.

It would give us easier access to traveling to San Pedro Sula, four hours away, to be with our field director Roger Ortiz and his family. Ministry opportunities are opening up for us there as well as Tegucigalpa. Trips into Nicaragua to visit our sister church would be much more convenient. We could also penetrate into nearby villages where mountainous terrain and dirt roads make it difficult.

In the near future we hope to have mission teams and friends visiting our work. We would desperately need transportation to and from the airport. Buying food and supplies or hauling people to and from our church would become much more feasible.

A vehicle project account has been opened with Hope International Missions with the approval of our mission director. Would you please pray about what you could do to help with this project. We are looking to buy a 4x4 vehicle that will handle the rough terrain of Honduras. Our goal is to raise $10,000.

If you would like to give towards this project you can make your checks payable to
Hope International Missions and clearly mark them for " Kuhns vehicle ".

You can mail your checks to:
Hope International Missions P.O. Box 1065 Hobe Sound, Fl 33475

* If you would be interested in having us come to your church for a service during our short stay please feel free to contact us at 740-442-0103. We would love to come and share what God has been doing for us.


A Christian Heritage

I enjoy history. I also find it interesting to learn of my family history and heritage. My great grandfather, Alfred James Hale immigrated to the states with two of his brothers from England in the early 2oth century. Once the three brothers safely landed they each took different directions with Alfred heading to Western Pennsylvania. He was converted in 1911 and eventually became a Holiness preacher, criss crossing the United States preaching salvation and deliverance from the nature of sin. He pastored several churches in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. He personally knew some of the great preachers of his day such as Buddy Robbinson, Glenn Griffith, French and S.D. Herron. He attended some of the early camp meetings held at Hobe Sound, Fl. Missionary friends named a church in Papua New Guinea in honor of grandpa Hale and the sacrifice he gave in spreading the gospel. He died in 1966. Those who knew him say he was a very kind and gentle man, he truly loved God.

I am so priviliged to be part of a holiness heritage. My child, soon to be born, will be a 5th generation Christian. What a precious gift. God's blessings continue on generation after generation.



While we have been in Ohio we have had the privilege of staying with Hannah's grandparents. Here is her grandpa enjoying a snooze on the back porch.


A Baby Shower!

The mystery has been broken, I have finally discovered the deep secrets of a baby shower. I had always heard about these events but was never able to see for myself due to ancient traditions that banned men from attending. But as of a few days ago I experienced my first baby shower.

It was actually really fun. We were treated to Jordanian delicacies provided by Hannah's mother and sister. It was delicious. There was a cake from Dairy Queen, and lots of fun games.

We received many wonderful gifts to aid us in raising our child in a proper way. We need all the help we can get. There must have been at least 5 packs of diapers and we were warned that we would use every single one of them in no time flat!! All of the gifts and advice has raised our level of expectations. We can hardly wait until this baby is born!! Just two weeks to go.


Celebrating Our Second Anniversary


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Enjoying the Taste of Home

In our short time home we have enjoyed some rich American traditions. One being hamburgers on the grill. Last night we were treated to a picnic fit for a king. My mother has been luring us home with temptations of corn on the cob and coconut cream pie. We were finally able to do more than look and dream, we could touch and taste. Every bite was delicious. The hamburgers were grilled to perfection, my brother Scott made those burgers so good he put Burger King to shame and I love Burger King. It was great to relax with family and share some of the stories from Honduras how God has been helping us. There is just no place like home.


Safe Arrival

It's been a safe journey back to the United States. It's hard to believe how fast the time has gone. The trip went well, although Hannah struggled with nausea most of the way. At one point we hit turbulence on the final leg of the journey to Columbus, OH. Hannah lost the struggle and surrendured the contents of her stomach to the barf bag conveniently located in front of her. We had to file a report with the stewardess, it seemed like it was almost against the law for her to even get near to Hannah. There was a red biohazard bag to be used for disposing the barf bag. Both Hannah and the stewardess had to clean their hands with sanitary wipes. There is a lot of red tape for motion sickness on a plane. It's a good thing they didn't charge her for getting sick. ( For those of you who will be flying American Airlines anytime soon, they will now be charging $5 a blanket if you get cold so you might want to bring your own ). I'm just thankful it was vomit that came out on that plane ride and not the baby. Imagine the red tape if it had!!

Besides the episode on our flight to Columbus the trip went great. It was exciting to be with family again and enjoy some time together. Thanks for your prayers. It's wonderful to know so many of you are praying for us. We really appreciate it.